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My Twizy is now home to a cat

That’s right. There’s a cat in my street that won’t leave my Twizy alone. He sits on the roof for hours, sometimes he sits one of the wheels, and other times he gets inside and makes himself comfy lol.

Very strange as it seems to be only my Twizy. I never see him on anyone else’s car.

I hoppe its just that cat - I am allergic to cats!

It is because the roof and guards are made out of nice smooth plastic which is probably the warmest elevated surface available for a cat in this weather, plus the black absorbs what little heat is available from the sun.

Cats will sits in the place with the best defensive position, out of a draft if possible and with the least loss of heat in colder weather, hence up off the floor on a nice flat secure piece of plastic which beats the surrounding area.
They will likely hop off when the offer of a warm bonnet comes along!