My twizy not working

After one year when i paid 15000 thousand in
my currency = 3570 euro for replacing the traction as they said it damaged and after one year it showing same problem I think they don’t know the main problem so directly they change the big battery, i contact them regarding the warranty they said is expire !! , they said we gave you 1 warranty for this traction, !!

Please can some one help me otherwise i will sell the car,

The mileage of the car only 4500 km how come the traction battery is dead!!

Something wrong in our dealership they dont how fix the twizy cars

Sorry for my English :heart:

Best regards

Thats appalling - try contacting Renault customer service for the country you are in, rather than the dealership. They should be more helpful! What country are you in?


hello Ahmed
i had problems with my twizy in the past and it turned out to be the Sevcon unit
dont make the mistake i did and replace it with a new one as your Powerbox wont work
if it turns out to be this you can order a replacement from Kenneth with a Powerbox combined and cheaper than the OEM one
hope this helps

Hi brian

I did big mistake when last year replaced the traction battery it cost me alot ,
So you got same my problem in the past ? Your twizy was not working? And the dashboard its same mine ?

How you fix if its same ?

Thanks brian

Hi gary

Im actually from Abu Dhabi ( United Arab emirates )
We only have the dealership here and they don’t know anything only they you to paying money, am sick of them i will try to know that problem here .

When My Twizy gave up and stopped the small red light flashed frantically and the stop light came on,
I didn’t get the 2 bars on the screen, there seems to be so many problems with these Twizys its hard to pinpoint the cause.
I hope you get it fixed

Doesn’t the 2 bars mean ‘depleted battery’. You get them when the voltage is too low or range = 0miles
Go round and check the earthing straps and look for corrosion on the HV leads and plugs.
Maybe the heat in UAE is causing a problem as I can’t imagine it’s moisture.

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Yep it could be the 12v battery deeply descharged = possibly because of a charger problem and 12v battery also soon to be dead…

First take out the 12v battery and recharge it before placing and plugging it back in the Twizy to see if it temporarly work, then if it works use the Twizy for a got drive to see if the Stop light from dashboard turns On… if so, stop the Twizy plug the 220v cord to charge it and live it for more than needed to get 100% of the traction battery… let say the full night.
If the Twizy start without Error/Alarm (Stop light) but it turn On after a few minutes… it means the Charger is faulty. (Charging 12v battery only after the 58v traction is full and not converting 58v to 14v during the rides)

  • 12v would cost about 100 to 120 euros to be replaced by Renault.
  • ies charger to be replaced by Renault would cost about 1300 to 1700 euros.

Good luke to you.

@Ahmed did you find the problem and did you fixed it? Did you tried to recharged the 12v battery independently first?