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My twizy wont charge

So i connect to 220 v and the charger fan is on, but the serv light is on and tge small battery with ! Is on as well and no charge goes in. It is at 4% but it stay that way. I have checked the 12 volt battery and it is good. Any ideas? Thanks

How old is the Twizy and charger? If it is the mark 1 charger fitted to the early Twizies then they were very voltage constrained. With all the sun we have had recently the supply voltage has gone up and the Twizy stops charging at 248v. So worth checking that.

You say you ave checked the 12v battery and it is good. The relays need a good 12v battery to switch on which in turn spins up the fan. So it is probably not that.

Next quick check is the fuses. There is a 50 amp one as well. But I doubt it is that.

Thanks. It is a 2015 and a lot of mule. 67000km and the baterry life is at 77% according to powerbox. I have checked the relay and it seems to be ok. I have also tried to pull the car with another car and see if it regenarates charge but nothing. It just does not let any charge in

What year is the Twizy and what country are you in? As said above early chargers had issues - sounds like it could be that.

it is a 2015 and it is not the charger. so i just came back from the dealer. seems like bad news for me. so in colombia, the warranty is just 2 years on the car and 3 years on the battery as opposed to 5 years in europe.
so the only way to test it, is as i just learned, is to take the battery from a demo car and put it in to my car. see if that works and if the car charges. you would think that the odbII plug would provide more info, but it does not. so they will charge me a fair amount to do that. it will be $120 usd, which i think is ok they estimate the work to be 6 hours. then we will figure out what is next. if it is the battery, it costs $6500 usd so basically the battery costs more than the car now. used cars are around the same price here. if that is the case, i will have a lot of spare parts to sell. i will keep you posted

The battery price is crazy compared to the cost of the vehicle.
How do you know for certain that it is not the charger?

Hi Krlos, I see you’re Slightly worried. Look, man, from the experience I have with Twizzy batteries, I can tell you the following. You have a problem inside the battery. Temperature sensor … unfortunately you have to remove and open and replace ALL thermal sensors. Good luck.

Hopefully you are correct. As of right now the battery is out and will go to the renault tech center for further inspection . They think it can be 1 to 2 months until they figure out if it something they can fix. I will pass along the info you just provided me and hopefully it is as simple as that. And not that it has bad or dead cells.

ok so here is what i have so far. it is scary news for all twizy owners. so the battery has been sent to the renault factory in colombia. the name is sofasa.
so the battery went to the tech center and it seems that it has to do with temperature sensors and relays inside the battery. those can be repaired, but they estimate the cost to be about 1.5 to 2k euros. so at this point where i have 67000 km on the clock the car has not been paid off yet in gas savings. so my expectation is if it gets fixed that for 2k euros extra i can get al least 20000-30000 km. if that dioes not happen the twizy is a waste of money. at this point with a broken battery, the car is worth 0. a brand new battery is worth the same as a used car but the uncertainty is that if you have a 3-4 years car if this happens to you, you are screwed. so i really hate to say it, but a used twizy without warranty is a huge risk. in colombia we only get 2 years warranty, so it is really an incredible risk if these batteries start failing and they seem to be starting to fail at just 4 or 5 year old. all the marketing and sales info always said the batrteries should last 10 years at which point makes senses, but if they fail any sooner the twizy is a big fail! i should be hearing from renault hopefully in the next few weeks but as of now, i will not recommend the lectric cars or least the twizy to anybody now

unfortunately the battery pack doesn’t have any decent cooling so i guess in hot countries battery pack failure will be higher than in some cooler countries.

in the UK during summer months i have also seen high temps using the power box :sweat:

what they found in renault for the battery of your twiz

Well at the same time; (5 to 7 years ago) Li-ion cell technologies (at that time) were expected to last or become instable a little after +/-1000 life cycles.
If the Twizy gives 60Km per charge (+/- 1 Cycle), your 67 000 are indicating that the cells are just on time to say good bye, no?

  • I wouldn’t bet on a extra 20 000 or 30 000 if you only change the Temp sensors and relays. (*Just adding this to justify the upper lines)

Hi do you know if that is the temperature sensors on the batteries? I have been taking apart a Twizy battery and there is a temperature sensor on each battery module, there are 7 modules inside the battery.

If they can be faulty then I should perhaps change them.