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BMW i3 wrapped in adverts

My unique Twizy test drive

So last weekend i drove up to Silverstone for the Trax performance car show. They had thousands of cars on display from car clubs including my own DS3. There was gymkhana and drift events also taking place, was an awesome day out. Best of all is i got talking to the Renault stand about the Twizy they had on display and the event guy said he’d take me for a spin. Twizy was getting bag’s more attention than any other car id seen on their stand, even the rally cars. I saw this gem of a picture opportunity with the noise tested sticker on the windowscreen. All cars going onto circuit have to pass noise tests so not to annoy the neighbours. The Twizy hadn’t actually been tested, the renault guys just found it funny.


So the renault guy took us for a spin around the stands, flooring it and trying to avoid the pedestrians, then a couple of 360 spins (nice and quickly). I jumped in and took it a bit more cautiously but still found it really responsive and a lot of fun to be in. This model had no doors so was the full experience. Drove past my club stand and they managed to grab a shot. Had some trouble reversing it. Odd something so small is a pain to backup but i guess i didnt set the mirrors correct for me. Made me want one even more now, like to have a go out on the open road as the inroads of silverstone had low speed limits and lots of people not hearing you coming.


Love the sticker, must say that everyone I have let drive mine, ends up wanting one.

Ben, you will have to meet me up Lakeside for a race around the car park in the Twizy one evening. They even have charge points in car park 10!

Yes i believe the charge points are run by polar network. I often see the odd axiam (awful car) drive around there. Let me know when your next going shopping!

They’re Source London points now. So £10 per year and I can use all the SL charge points in London (which is most charge points now) as well as the ones in Lakeside :wink: