My vote for milan as city of the twizy

I have just spent two days in Milan and have seen an amazing EIGHT Twizzys (Or should it be Twizzies?) I saw 3 parked which I have photographed and 5 others being driven.

I believe this is a record for the number seen in one place or do you know differently?

I drove from Calais to Mulhouse and did not see one single Twizy in France or when I crossed into Switzerland.

That must be a record!
But doesn’t one of the Balearic Islands have Twizys for hire. If so there should be quite a few of them around.

I saw two in Rome, but they are certainly not common. 1 in Tenerife a year or so ago. My son is in Batcelona currently, will ask if heras seen any there .

Thats a great result, and probably is ahead of the Balearics as they are owner used, rather than for commercial