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BMW i3 wrapped in adverts

My Z.E. Easter egg :)

Finally I’ve got one!
For now, I’ve just signed some sheets, but my black Technic should be delivered the first week of April. I will have to make a fifty Km journey from dealer to home, so It will be a nice first serious trip :slight_smile:

…I can’t wait :smiley:

Good stuff. Enjoy it I trust the weather will be better with you then here.

The wait is over :cool: I picked up my Twizy yesterday, I drove all day long around the city, enjoying the looks and the questions of the interested people. Funny! In evening, I was out for a cinema with friends, who really like the “car”… a great first day!

Happy Twizy experience to everybody :smiley:

Great stuff so much better now it is sunny.

Same as mine, good choice :slight_smile:

looks a good colour choice

S4X, does your dash really show 72 mile range? How has that stood up in reality. Most i have seen on a Twizy is 35 miles.

That will most probably be km and not miles.

here in Italy we use the kilometres units, so my dash show range in km, not miles :wink:

Thanks! :slight_smile:

:redface: Silly me, never noticed the location of Genoa, or the original pick up journey of 50KM. Even so an impressive range.

Here is my range before I set off today. I had been of charge for 20 hours and it was warm day although cooler in the garage.

Set off with estimated range of 52 Miles and by they time I had got back down the hill it was up to 56. So the range does show figures above 42 when setting off :biggrin: