Need Help Dead Twizy in the USA

My Twizy is dead… when the key is in the ignition i get the error and service lights and when I’m on the charger I don’t get any thing on the dash display but I can hear the charger fan running. This all happened after three weeks of not being used. I went out to drive and the car was completely dead so I replaced the 12V battery (brand New) and at least got the car to turn on but… see videos below. please any info would be great as I don’t have a dealer within reach.
Thank you

Sorry, there is no video.

sorry video links fixed. thank you

It looks like the battery is flat, can be a broken battery or a broken charger… Think you need someone with EV experience to have a look at the T.


Try charging again now with the new 12V battery and see what happens. If it still doesn’t work, you will need expert help. Good luck.
Tell us your story. How did you get a Twizy to the US. Thanks.

It does look very much like the 12V battery isn’t charged. I know you say it was replaced but was it fully charged? With out a good 12V battery then the traction battery relays will not click in and so the Twizy will not charge. In fact even with a full Traction battery if the 12V goes too low then the DC-DC charger will not work either.

Your BMS sends no signal to the dashboard.
Check the following:
Is there sufficient power in the 12V battery?
if 12V battery is ok then check the fuses.
If everything is in order, you need to go to an EV expert for closer testing of your traction battery.

Do these charge on USA 110v… mine does not ever charge in the UK with a long extension lead because of voltage drop, the charging unit is fussy.

What kind of extension lead are you using? It’ll want to be rated for 13 amps. A lot are nowhere near that!

I charge mine off 13amp extension lead in the UK. Carry it the Twizy boot. I also use a 16amp cable when on Campsites. Never had a problem with the extension lead. May be the socket and wiring but not the extension lead.

The Twizy charger does not like 248V and above, in fact it can discharge the battery! Which is where an extension lead with Voltage drop can help!:scream:

I’m interested in his 110 USA voltage…

Some place in the US you can get 220v

If I remember correctly, you can get 220V pretty everywhere.

But thanks to Edisons market dominance in the early 20th century, it is very limited.

You can connect the two outer phases (although they are the same , but 240V apart), just like in Europe.

But ask you local utility first :wink:
You do not wanzt to fry your transformation.