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New £11.25 per 100 mile excess charge!

** **I am genuinely upset, I have mine on order, about two weeks away from delivery. However, Renault have changed the contracts for battery hire re excess mileage the charge is now £11.25 per 100 miles over your chosen tariff. It’s been hard enough to order, finding enthusiastic staff or dealerships. Even having more faith on occasion than the people renault have chosen to sell these to us. Reading through the forum it appears that things do not improve once you have one on the drive should things go wrong. Guys and Gals, what is the point? I want to be greener but don’t want to end up on Prozac because of it.

Read through some of my experiences with Renault, I became the pariah of the forum by always pointing out the shortcomings of Renault, but they are so bad it had to be done.

I enjoyed my Twizy, but I bought ex-demo cheaply and sold for similar money so did not experience the losses of many on here. During my six months of ownership, I battled with Renault weekly and have vowed never to buy a Renault or associated product ever again due to their total incompetence and disinterest.

The Twizy: a great idea, brought into reality by people that should be working in a different industry away from cars.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the Twizy, but it is DESPITE Renault, not because of them. If I had lost a lot of money like others due to their total incompetence, the story would be very different as I would have involved the media in a big way.

Wow!! That’s gone up a lot. That’s outrageous!! I just checked my contract, and it’s £1.50 for every 60 miles over the limit.

I just checked my contract which was taken out a couple of weeks ago, and it is £11.25 per 100 over… but that’s just the same as the cost for the standard rental, 13500 miles over 3 years for £45 x 36; it all comes out around 11p a mile. So I’m happy with the logic, but then again I was never sold the old amount.

They seem to have changed the terms of the contract in the last year or so. Mine taken out about a year and a half ago was £45 for 4000 miles pa for 3 years and £1.50 for every 60 miles over.

Ah ok, so we actually now get 500 extra miles a year included for £45 a month, which may go some way to offsetting the excess charges?

They have probably eventually worked out that it was cheaper for us to pay for the excess miles, which worked out to 2.5p per mile, than to take out a higher mileage contract. Damn!!

Very funny shame it’s true.

One point though I thought I was on 4500 miles at £45 and 2.5p excess. Must check.