New Brake discs and pads....... £800.60!

Well… With my ongoing brake issues after only 500 miles Renault have agreed to replace all the brake discs/hubs and pads ‘as a gesture of goodwill’…

Out of curiosity I asked Renault how much it would cost if i had to pay… £800.60!!! YES, that’s EIGHT HUNDRED POUNDS AND SIXTY PENCE! I almost fell of my chair. I told the service lady that is supercar prices! If you work that out its over 14% of the total value of the Twizy! To be honest even the service department were shocked, where do they get these prices from?!

The problem is that Renault won’t admit the brakes are garbage and will not cover the cost of brake replacement parts again.

Good grief. There must be after market or even conversion option that would be a fraction of the price of this. My factory warranty runs out end of July this year. I better make sure everything is 100% before it expires… :slight_smile:

Sorry to hear the all too familiar story but if you search “fit for purpose brakes” and you will see you are not alone unfortunately.

I did mate, I know many more users have the same problems…one member quoted around £700 for replacement brake parts but I thought it was an error!

It’s not the Pads, you can get them easy enough. It is, as stated above, the fact the discs are attached to the hubs. So you have to buy a new hub and disc. If the discs were thicker you may get away with them being skimmed on a lathe. It is poor design to need to replace the hub and the disc.

I don’t get it, why there is such inconsistency with the brakes in the Twizy.
I and a few others have done well over 10K miles on the original brakes with no problems and yet others needed replacements after less than a couple of thousand miles.
It makes me wonder if untrained (in Twizy) mechanics wrongly diagnosed worn pads and discs when they are originally very thin compared to normal car ones, and they think they are are worn. Just can’t see how a set of pads and disc are worn after, say, only a 1000 miles

I have just fitted my second set of rear pads at 12k miles, don’t think the discs will last another set. Pretty sure the rear discs are £180 + vat each .
Trouble is , the calipers are very prone for sticking, this causes extra wear. Only remedy seems to be a strip down of the calipers ,have done my front ones twice already .

I’m at 11k same pads and discs.

After having installed the powerbox, I have reduced the brake use by a serious 80%!!!

I say Kenneth’s box surely pays back just thinking of that amount spent on brakes and discs in the future.
Renault has ridiculous prices!!! There are pads in the aftermarket but as osbrook correctly says, the discs are on the hubs:(( no way round that

As above after power box fitted. I would even say 95% .

Surely that will just fuel the ridiculous “you are not using the brakes enough…” point of view and make the brake problems worse still?

My Twizy is going in for its last free service soon. I happened to look into the last service check sheet and noticed the following in the brakes section.
For the pads and discs they have 2 columns : 1) min(imum)
2) measured
On the min column (presumably min allowed or recommended) they have the following
front pads (mm) 1.4
front disc (mm) 4
rear pads (mm) 4
rear disc (mm) 1.1

The figures were hand written.
Can anyone shed any light on the figures

Looks like it should read . rear disks are 4mm and pads are 1.1mm. Therefore pads need changed.

That makes sense, but that’s what was put on the form.

oh Maaan…
just got quoted for the disks and Pads as well… yep… thats 600 quids!


so everyone just coughs up and pays this, right? can’t be sourced through a friendly and a competent mechanic guy?

Just found the how-to video on replacing read brake pads

And found the brake pads… on


Hmm, will consider some reading and tool prepping.
Parts are 40 pounds
Renault Service Team advised this as 67 and 161, for front and rear pad fitting respectively. This is quite a bit of saving.

any takers? or anyone needs the same doing (london based) so we could do both twizy and two heads are better than one that sorta thing.

Changing the pads is often all that is required. The discs are very thin to start with and so when checked the Renault guys compare them to normal car disc and say they need to be changed when they don’t. It is really only the rear discs that are over priced. These change the who hub.

As you have seen the pads are pretty much standard swap except for fine tuning the rear pistons.


Front brake disks(pair) are 90 Euros on ebay:

Sounds reasonable to me…

From owning a lot of cars the last 30 years, disc brake go bad when not used. Especially the discs, they dont wear out because of friction, they wear out because of rust on the surface. Calipers also seise when not used and warping the discs.


If that’s the case, Renault should be forced to release the patent so that disc manufacturers can supply them, therefore cutting the costs to us! You can buy pads on eBay, but not the discs. It sucks!