New (but not yet owner) from Spain looking for purchasing advice

Hi all,

It’s fascinating to read all your experiences on the site especially regarding modifications etc. Seems like @kennethnilsen69’s PowerBox is a must!

I’m looking to buy a Twizy soon - any tips I should bear in mind buying second hand? In reality though the second hand market here in Spain is tiny so I’ll have to go with whatever I find, lol…

Best wishes


Hi Miguel,

You will not regret it.

There is not a lot to check externally when looking at used, hard to check the brakes etc but look at milage, do you want doors / windows, if so they need to come installed as cannot be put on later.

Second hand prices are much better than new, so have a shop around, I would imagine that post winter more will be coming up for sale.

Then definitely get the powerbox, and also look at some of the mods the rest of the forum users are doing as well, some very cool options out there.