New charging adapter

So I can know charge from on street chargers

Sorry what are you saying. That you want a lead or there is a lead that you have?

Sorry spell check error. I got an adapter so that I can now connect to on street chargers. Its kewl and seems pretty quick

llachinook;7492]Sorry spell check error. I got an adapter so that I can now connect to on street chargers. Its kewl and seems pretty quick
That’s fine tell us more please:-
Where we get one from


Where and what type of charger do I need and how much ?

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Good luck. The OP was last seen on this forum 2 years ago

What are you looking?

Thanks James ,i have looked online and I’m not sure which would be suitable .

It seems you were lucky. @yellachinook meet @Mariner :slight_smile:

If you are looking a three pin to type 2 lead I have one. No longer need it as i bought a zoe

I bought mine here:

Adapter Type 2 (Mennekes) – 1 x CEE 7/7 schuko 16A (or British BS1363 13A) monophase, electronics included => 163 €+ VAT (198,86 € VAT included) Product PL01. Postage to EU 15€

Pretty expensive as it must contain a little of logic and some switches to let the charging station know that the T is ready to be charged.

But which charge points does it actually work on. It will contain a resister to tell the charge point that it is only a 16amp max device that is connected.

The cost is due purely down to the type connector being so expensive.

I don’t need one but even if you have regular use of a free type 2 charge point it will take a long time to pay for it’s self. Which isn’t the point especially if you need it to get home. :slight_smile:

@osbrook in our country we have charging points which are free in most cities but they only offer type 2 outlets.
The cost is really on the expensive side but it is the only way to make the trip in some cases so it is well worth from my point of view or usage type. And as a side effect you get some free parking space :slight_smile:

I have seen schematics and manuals how to build one for less than 100eur but it was easier for me to just go and buy one.

Found the chematics and explanation. Unfortunately for all non Italian speaking people is written in Italian.
Google might help translate the text:

Here is a link to an old post that details the building of your own cable in a lot of detail.

@osbrook seems like I have missed this post. Great one I must say.
Anyhow it was not worth for me to build one as the cost of the parts would be close to buy one already made (I got a little discount :slight_smile: ).