New Discs and Pads fitted and MOT

Took my Twizy in to have the discs and pads replaced along with an MOT
It’s just clocked up 19,000 miles.
Here is a list of parts and costs

Labour £318.97 inc Vat
MOT £39
Rear Left Disc Unit £109.90 inc vat
Rear Right Disc Unit £109.90 inc vat
Front Discs (Pair) £79.74 inc vat
Front Wheel Bearings (Pair) £104.82 inc vat
Front Brake Pads £58.22 inc vat
Rear Brake Pads £50.40 in vat

Total = £870.95 :scream:

At least it’s all done for another year


Is that the first time you’ve had the discs and pads replaced? If it is you’ve done bloody well to get 19k miles out of them.

First time it’s had new discs, but it did have new pads at 12,000 miles :slight_smile:
Pity I had to have the pads replaced this time because I didn’t get the full use out of the old pads.
But it’s not good practice to use old pads with new discs. :slight_smile:
One slight worry is since I have had the discs and pads replaced the Twizy is driving like a slug…
I was worried that a wheel was binding.
Used a lot more battery with its usual commute and I was worrried that a wheel was binding but I could push the car reasonably easy with the handbrake off.
But I think it is just all 4 wheels are very slightly rubbing on the thick new discs and new thick pads.
When I got home tonight I felt all the discs and they were all only barely warm.
I am going to jack each wheel up tomorrow just to make sure that there is no problem.


Wow, those parts were expensive.
I recently purchased a complete set of Borg & Beck pads (front & rears) for £35 delivered. See

The problem is Renault will only use OEM parts so you pay the price, or take to an independent.
You also won’t find any aftermarket Discs for the Twizy :frowning: