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BMW i3 wrapped in adverts

New EU legislation requires autonomous braking system by 2014

See link above.

Obviously any new Twizy then would have to have this technology in it which may affect size/price etc.

This will be interesting as the Twizy doesn’t currently have any assisted braking. Not much to the system.

The article was a bit confusing as it talked about a 5 star rating couldn’t be obtained without it. The Twizy isn’t rated now. Does this mean it will not be fitted to new ones?

Overall I think it is a good idea.

would this apply as the Twizy isnt a car

According to that link, it’s only to get the 5 star NCAP crash rating, so not mandatory on every car.

This happened with ESP previously-old NCAP allowed 5* without ESP, then only with ESP.

The Twizy would not be affected.