New! First Twizy Joy Ride Machine in operation

I have a day out of the office and this is what my design team spend their time on. I wouldn’t mind so much if they charged at least a Pound!

At least it is obvious that you always have a big smile when you roll out of that Twizy!

I don’t think Alton Towers need fear the competition!

And anyway Martin, what were you doing out of the office without your Twizy?

My son crashed the i3 (again) and he was using it but loaned it to one of our customer support guys to get his lunch. Otherwise I would have been in it. My baby has been away for two weeks now!!!

Have you considered not letting your son drive the i3 again? :grinning:

Of course! But the accident 6 weeks ago really was the other drivers fault (even though it takes 2 to tango in my opinion) and the insurance company agreed. This time was 100% his fault (lost control after he booted it), so I think he will pay far more attention in future. If not he can take the bus!