New forum member

Hi all,

Just registered for this forum as I’m curious about the Twizy after the local Renault dealer at work arrived in one back in April.

Have since had a short test drive at the Z.E. Tour in Convent Garden, and a longer unaccompanied test drive at my local dealer in July.

Been driving smarts for almost 10 years and became the owner of a Vectrix VX-1 about 4 years ago.

Welcome to the forum.

We all love our Twizys and sue you would as well. You were obviously taken by them. Ask about anything you ae not sure about.

And its Hello and welcome from another Twizy owner. 2300 miles now and still smiling.

Initially I was sceptical about day to day usage of the Twizy, but it works so well and is far more practical than I thought-along with being great fun.
My admiration/liking for it keeps growing as I use it and get more used to it-not many cars I have had have got better with use!

Welcome and enjoy :wink:

hello and welcome to the forum

Hey hope you enjoy the stay and find quite interesting stuff about twizy like me.