New guy looking for a Twizy

Hi, first post here. Looking to buy a Pre July 2016 Twizy (‘cos of the faff with Powerbox on later cars) and astonished at the residuals - have they rcenntly firmed up? When Two Year old cars seem to be over £7k it would be more sensible to get a new one but the Powerbox issue has put me off.

Any opinions out there?

With a car as rare as the Twizy it’s best to bide your time, it took for a 8 months to find mine (from a friendly forum member on here.)

All depends on condition too, ones in good nick usually hold their value very well but you can find one which is a bit beaten up but works fine for a decent price.

new ones are cheaper than some of the dealer prices. It is possible to buy a new one but it has to be a factory order .So a few months leadtime

Bought a 2016 car with 900 miles on it, about £1500 less than a new one. Currently being “customised” - more to come :sunglasses:

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sounds good , hope we get pics??

You will, once completed :slight_smile: