New here, lots of Twizy questions pls

Hi, this is my first post, so please be kind. Also bear in mind that I’m not a car techie person but really wanting to research this properly as much as I can.

I am seriously considering changing my Peugeot 108 for a Twizy as I do barely any milage (less than 2000 a year) and what I do is very short distance over flat ground in South Cheshire. I have adult children and apart from transporting a dog sometimes I don’t carry anything more than a bag of books (I’m a teacher) or a bag of shopping. However… My local dealer doesn’t even have them on their website and won’t return my calls! I’ve only ever seen one in a car park so would really want to look more closely at one first. Is this normal or have they gone out of production?

I live in a terrace house so would need a waterproof electric socket fitted as I don’t have a garage, would a normal grey one with the clip fastening lid be suitable?

It looks like my first job would need to fit windows, is there anyrhing else that is an absolute must for one that is stored outside? Are there any windows that actually fit properly? The Renault ones look like the plastic windows you used to get on old convertibles that went yellow and split.

That’s obviously if I can find one!
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Hi Janice

Welcome! I hope that I can answer a few of your questions. It is, sadly, not unusual for dealers not to be interested in the Twizy. I bought mine from a specialist car dealer, not a Renault dealer. As regards charging,the type of waterproof socket that you suggest will be fine.
There is a lot of debate about windows, personally, I hate them and took mine off before I even drove my Twizy. However if you are using your Twizy everyday, then it seems the Korean made ones are the favourite on here. The Twizy is now manufactured in South Korea, not in Valladolid Spain as there were initially.
I would advise buying from John Banks in Cambridge, they have a new Twizy in stock
I found them extremly helpful when I was looking, even though I didn’t buy from them as I was looking for a second hand Twizy, that they did not have at the time, within my budget. Don’t worry about the distance away from you, I bought mine from miles away and used this company for delivery I found Paul 100% reliable and he has transported several Twizys. I used him recently for another vehicle delivery.
If you are keeping your Twizy outside, I would recommend a heavy duty cover that covers the whole car. I have the proper Renault one but it only covers the top half. I have seen a superb one, made, if I remember correctly, by
I can double check if you are interested.
I know that I am a fair distance away from you, here in Norfolk, but if you would like to see and drive my Twizy, you are very welcome. (I live on a private road)

Hi Janice,
Regarding windows: I have korean version, purchased from a user who sells them on this forum. I am satisfied with them, however, as all things in life, they are not perfect. They will protect you from bad weather but they will cause you troubles in hot summer. They are not designed to be mounted or dismounted on a daily/weekly basis, such action will wear and break off in time the installing holes. I personally install them in september/october and take them off when heat comes, may/june.
Charging needs some attention. It will not be difficult to have installed a waterproof electrical socket, however, you need to be careful with low temperatures if twizy stays outside. If you reach temperatures around or under -10 celsius, it may become hard or even impossible to charge it. Li-ion batteries works bad at low temperatures and twizy battery does not have temperature management (which means to control battery temperature during charging or discharging cycles). This is what I know from general use of li-ion batteries in other applications, not specifically from twizy, as mine stays in garage all time when is at home.

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Hi Janice,

Hopefully, you get your Twizy soon and enjoy the awesome feeling you get from driving around in one. I’m actually the exporter of the Korean windows. Very easy to install and remove using the 3 factory screws that are on the door. Windows come in both clear or tinted. If you have any questions about the Twizy or any other things, please just let me know.

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Thank you all for your replies, they really are appreciated. It appears that there are some significant hurdles to owning a Twizy then really. I don’t want to buy one without trying one first and especially one from the other side of the country. I could run into issues if there was any problems with it potentially. The battery charging issue in the cold was something I had not considered, thank you. The Twizy would be parked very close to the house (no need for an extension lead) and I am tucked away in a cul-de-sac so to my knowledge we do not get as low as -10. I do not have the option of a garage and cannot see myself moving in the near future, so something to consider.

I like the windows, thank you for taking the time to post pictures, how much are they in £ delivered, so I can think about the cost addition please.

Without my local dealer getting back to me - Im a bit stuck really…

Even if temperature in your area won’t go as low as -10 celsius (so that you will have serious problems charging it), there is still performance degrading to consider. Around 0-5 degrees still works fine but the range won’t be as at 25 degrees. If, for example, your commuting range drains almost all battery when at 25 degrees, most probably at 0 degrees you won’t make it with the same range. At my twizy, in summer, my daily route eats ~50% of a full charge but at 0 degrees eats almost 75%.

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Thank you for those thoughts, it is something to really keep in mind as I think through this and having to keep it outside. I am in the fortunate position that I work 1 mile from home but as I carry books etc with me I need some kind of transport. I’d have a moped if I didn’t think I’d fall off!

Charging in the winter time might not be such a (theoretical) problem as long as you charge it as soon as you get home, while the battery has been warmed up after the drive.

I live in Norway, and that’s what I do. Admittedly though, I have a garage for it.

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One point, How big is your dog, as there isn’t a lot of room. Another thought, have you considered a Smart for two EQ (the electric version)? there would be more room, heating, better range but the down side would be purchase cost. If you have a Mercedes dealer near you, take a look.

Hi Janice

My Twizy just makes me smile.

I work in a school as a TA and find that most of the time when I’m not putting large things in for my Eco-club, the Twizy’s rear seat is fine for most things. My other half even does the 6 bag weekly shop, and gets a crowd round when she’s loading up!
My commute is only 4 hilly miles, but like the others, I’ve found that the battery consumption ranges between about 25% and 40% since I first started using it in the summer, and still using it now.

I have a keyring (dog tag) with “ICE, ICE EV” and the other side “Too cool for school”.

The windows are very personal. I like to have mine in for the bad weather, but able to put in and take out for the varied summer weather. I’ve bought via the French Twizy owner’s page ( the clever deflector to block up the gap at the back of the door, which saves the passenger getting wet (they’re brilliant), however the driver stays dry regardless of whether the windows are in or not! I know this because I test drove mine on a drizzly February day and thought if I am OK driving it now, then it’ll be a doddle in good weather. I got mine from Matt at Go Green Autos in Oxfordshire. He delivered mine on his flatbed and you can ask him about delivery for you. He was absolutely brilliant, and very patient with me. He only deals with EVs and seems to have a slightly sporadic supply, but you can sign up to be notified of new EVs.

As for driving in the winter… The rain does tend to get in (I have the original windows) and pool a little on the floor. I have a heated driver’s seat cover, but I have to be careful that the cigarette lighter plug doesn’t a) get trapped when I slide the seat and b) doesn’t get wet. I’ve ordered some metal car seat hooks to help secure my school bag behind the driver’s seat from slipping around.

I’ve ordered a full car cover for a Smart car in the hope it’s not too big, for when it’s too wet, icy or snowy to drive safely. That said, because the tyres are so thin, they slice through many puddles instead of pulling you over. AND you can whizz past oncoming vehicles on country roads knowing you’re tiny enough not to have to breathe in!

The brakes take some getting used to as they’re not ABS and you need to learn to apply them WELL in advance.

To be honest, I’ve got used to not having a sun visor (I have a cap “ICE, ICE EV”) instead, and no radio. It actually gives me time to think my own thoughts! You could hook up a little waterproof bluetooth speaker if the one you buy doesn’t have speakers installed/activated (not sure which, but my Colour doesn’t have any obvious means by which to listen to music).

Charging points are perhaps the other BIG issue. You will need a “granny cable” to convert the 3 pin plug to a type 1 or 2 socket, and they charge slowly. I’ve never charged up away from home so don’t know the ins and outs but the cables are around £160 without the additional issues of being charged for what little electricity you will actually use.

This will help when you need to open the front panel to change a bulb

The cold is another issue altogether. If you’re happy to keep Twizzing in the cold, and just rug up (and put a mat round the pedals to keep out the draught), then go for it.

You are also likely to need to pay for a battery contract. We argued our case and got ours down to £45 a month, which equates to a single fillup on a small ICE. Remember to increase your home electricity direct debit in line with the extra consumption!!

You will never have a simple journey. You will always be asked about the car, and to me it’s a great eco-conversation starter, and the kids are gob-smacked by the scissor doors (mine asked for photos for yr 6 memories).

It’s not a car for people who don’t like being noticed. However if you like the how Ecofriendly it is, love the unusual looks of the car and towards the car, and are happy for people to just drop jaws with a “what the …” or just make people, including yoursef smile, then GO FOR IT (but keep a car on ICE for the other journeys). Good luck xx

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Hi everyone,
Thank you all so much for your really helpful replies. I have actually been in discussion with my local Renault garage and although they have been really helpful, they have pretty much put everything way out of my price range. They wanted £1200 upfront before ordering it (which I don’t have currently), the PCP was going to be £153 per month plus £45 for the battery lease, that was without about £22/25 per month insurance. That was taking my existing Peugeot 108 (that has PCP on it) in part exchange. I currently pay about £160 a month all in for my current car including petrol (I do so few miles).

The Twizzy would suit my needs perfectly, I travel about 2 miles return to my work place. I live on my own (so no chance of an ICE car though) and I could get an outside socket fitted to charge it. I have a mini dachshund who travels in a travel holdall type thing on the back seat, which I know would fit. I would need doors and windows though, so the windows would be an extra cost.

There are two that I know of in my area, an orange one without doors that often parks in the motobike space in a public carpark and a member (BenHerron) on here that lives around the corner. But other than that Ive not seen any others. I am reluctant to buy off the internet as I would have to sort the PCP on my car somehow? WeBuyAnyCar wouldnt give me enough to pay it off.

Any further suggestions most gratefully recieved!

Hi Janice,

Just browsed through this thread and had some quick thoughts:

  • I bought mine to commute (alone) to and from work, also with the realization that I COULD buy a moped… but the Twizy is a much safer (and dryer!) option.
  • It sounds like it would also be a great option for you for similar reasons, with the advantages of being able to transport your dog and other potential items.
  • However, you are correct that there are plenty of additional costs to the Twizy:
  1. Insurance: for whatever reason, it’s typically higher than a “normal” car.
  2. Battery lease: at 45/month, it is significantly higher than what you would spend on petrol… which simply doesnt make snese.
  3. Accessories: Windows are not cheap (300-400 EUR), otherwise you can get away with keeping it as is. I have spent hundreds of euros on installing speakers (mine came without them), aluminum wheels, all-season tires, and other personal preference upgrades)

For all these reasons, it would seem more practical to get something like a used SmartForTwo to serve a similar function My only advice would be, keep an eye out for a good-deal used Twizy, that has doors, windows, and (if you’re really lucky!) a rent-free battery. If you can find one in your price range, that would be the ultimate win, as you could avoid a lot of the costs listed in my points above.

Good luck!

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Oooh, how did you install the speakers? Could you put a new thread online please? I’m convinced mine doesn’t have any.

I have to pay £45/mth but look at it as an ICE fillup on our 1l Chevrolet Spark. We get masses of use out of our Twizy.

Please be aware of the new seatbelt laws regarding your dog, regardless of your vehicle . He has to be secured by use of a (suitable harness and) seatbelt clip. Xx

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Followed this oldie but goodie: