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New in the Forum, but not a newbie. ;-)

After successful registration I would like to say hello to the users of the Twizy owners forum.
I hope that you can excuse my bad English. My mother language is german. My hometown is about 70 Kilometers north of Frankfurt in Hessen.

I was googling for English Twizy drivers because in September I want to spend my Holidays in Cornwall.
Of course accompanied by my Twizy that i’m driving since late April 2012 for13000 km by now.
(And of course accompanied by my wife. But I think that is not very important for you ) :wink:

I hope that I can come in contact with you to get some tips about charging, nice camping sites etc.
But with these questions I will torment you later. :wink:


Welcome to our site. I hope you have a good trip.
By September it will be quieting down in Cornwall and you will have more choice of campsites. Charging at campsites may be an issue as they often have restricted current supplies to the pitches. ie. less the 10 amps required. Without sounding a complete idiot what kind of plug does your Twizy have as a lot of the UK/European adaptors will not handle the high current as they are only expected to be used for short periods itn things like phone charges.

Have a look at zero Carbon world for a start at what charge points are available, but not all are free to use without purchase at the site (Hotel room, premium rate meal etc). Some are.

The other thing to watch is the range of charge point connectors. Although a lot are moving to the Type 2 (no use for a Twizy) there are still plenty of 3 pin 13amp points.


Anyone interested in going long distance in a Twizy may enjoy reading this. It’s about three guys who travelled across England in a milk float which involved 8 hours of charging for every two hours of travel. No need for EV charging infrastructure here, just the “milk of human kindness” and a few blown fuses.[


Welcome to the forum Thorsten, you have travelled a large number of KM in your Twizy. Possibly the largest number we have so far.
I am sure we will speak more in the future :slight_smile:

Thank you for your friendly comments.
Type 2, I think, is no problem. I’ve got an Type 2 (Mennekes) Adapter.
But the charging stations are likely to be rare in England, right?
To connect to a normal outlet, I will build me an extension cord english / german that is strong enough. Standard socket adapters are usually only allowed up to 5A.
But how strong the sockets are normally secured in England. 13 amps, Osbroke told me ? Can you connect the the Twizy to any normal wall outlet ?
Should I use an english plug with a fuse inside ?
On german camping sites and mobile home parking places you normaly find sockets called CEE blue. They can be used up to 16 amps. Are those sockets also usual in England ? I have an adapter for that too.
Excuse me for so many questions. I have been in England before. St.Ives (Cambridgeshire) is our twinning. But I never gave a thought to the British power grid.

Hi Thorsten,

You can find a lot of the Charging Stations on www.openchargemap.org – Not all of them are free, but there should be a good selection of places to charge.

I suggest you bring your 16Amp blue plug, and a 32Amp Blue plug too – (the bigger version) as some charging stations are 32A blue, some are 16A blue, and the rest are Mennenkes. :slight_smile:

Finally, you will need a short 13A to German adaptor for some charging stations, which are really old 13Amp units (mainly in London)

Perhaps you could share with us your planned route? I’m in Bristol, and happy to help you find somewhere to charge here.


Just read in this weeks Autocar “Our Car” section that most of the charging stations in London are no good for the Twizy. This is because the Twizy’s blue thick curly cable will not allow the flap of the charging stations to close. And if the flap is not closed, no charging takes place. Maybe someone in London can enlighten us.

This is true, it’s actually the sleeve of the plug that prevents the lid closing properly. This can easily be snipped off with no real harm to the Twizys plug.

…or you can do what I do: carry around a short 0.5 meter extension lead with integrated RCBO :wink:

Yes but that would leave you vulnerable to rogue G-wiz drivers who could pull up, unplug your cable and steal your electricity:D

Sorry to change the subject a little but does anyone know where to actually buy the 16 amp and 32 amp blue plugs and Mennekes plug adaptors? Just because i was hoping to do some longer journeys but i keep on being scuppered as there aren’t many 3 pin plug charging points around Manchester and having the others would help, i just can t seem to find any, I found a blue plug adaptor in B&Q but it was the wrong way round (blue socket instead of plug).

Any help would be much appreciated!

Thank You all, especially Nikki.
The Situation seems to be clearer now.
So far we have not a fixed route.
If you can’t do it yourself, the CEE blue Connectors can easily be mounted by your electrician from the neighborhood.
A little bit more difficult is it to get an Typ 2 connector.
Maybe you will find this Dokumentation helpful.

The Mennekes plugs are right expensive. Round about 100 Euro.
All together you have to expect about 180 -200 euro.
I can not say who is producing the typ 2 adapter in England.
I’ve got mine from Florian from the German Twizy Forum.
Diskussion on:


For the main guy on the street go to either screwfix or toolstation. Although any electrical wholesaler will have them in stock.http://www.toolstation.com/shop/Electrical/Industrial+Connectors/Industrial+Plug+IP44+240v+16+amp/d190/sd2430/p36175

Thank you! Any idea where to get the Mennekes ones from? I went on their website but it was really confusing and unfortunately i would need a reayd made adaptor as i dont know the forst thing aboput electrics and wiring plugs :expressionless: