New intelligent Power Box for Twizy :-) πŸš€

Hello I just finished developing a new smart power box for the Renault Twizy.
Take a look at it.

What is an intelligent PowerBox and how does it work:
An intelligent PowerBox is a tuning box for Renault Twizy that can increase power up to 100Nm This is an increase of 76% Nm (Torque). In addition to being a tuning box so it has a monitor that displays Engine rpm, engine temperature, and the amount of current that goes in and out in both Amp and NmWhat can it do?1.It tuning the car automatically after the temperature of the engine.
2. You can choose between light tuning, Medium Tuning or Max Power Tuning or set it back to the original setup.
3. You can choose between Auto Mode or Manuel-Mode.
4. You can choose between 3 different driving profiles. (While driving)
5. Turn on or off Regeneration. (While driving)
6. You can set how much you want Regeneration in Regen Setup menu …
7. The screen displays RPM, engine temperature, Amp and how much Nm engine gives
8 The display shows whether you are in Manuel-Mode or Auto Mode and that it shows the Operation profile you are in. The 3 profiles are 57Nm, 80Nm and 90/100Nm. (90Nm if you selected Medium tuning and 100Nm if you selected MaxPower Tuning)



I read through your manual, this sounds awesome! Keep us posted when you have pricing for this - if you’re going to sell them.

Also you wrote that you made your own battery pack? Tell us more :slight_smile: Would love to cancel the battery lease and buy a plug-n-play battery…

HΓ€lsningar frΓ₯n Stockholm

I also noted "I have now made my own battery pack to my Twizy so I
terminated my lease with Renault and delivered bake my battery to them. "

This is very interesting and I would like to know more about the battery replacement.

Are you going to offer your Power box for sale?

i want one please plus the battery pack if its the right price

the price is 450 euros and I have some ready for shipping…

battery box, we can take in than another thread later but some info about it you can get now.

I have built in the battery pack on the same technology that Tesla builds their batteries.
I have put together in 1185 pcs 18650 batteries in 15 banks so that I then also have increased the total Voltages from 57.4volt up to 65.25 volts. then I also got some extra power in the volt increase. capacity in my battery is at 14.2 kw and I have the longest driven 140 km and then had about 10% power left. :-). In addition, I now have dual charger with the ordinary households connector and one Type 1 connector. since I live in a cold country, I have also built in heating cables in the battery pack :slight_smile:

but making your own battery is expensive and all the electronics in the car need to be replaced. new charger, new instrument panel, and you must have your own bms. the ecu must be programmed with a different firmware. this is not an easy job

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Here are some pictures


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Love those rear tyres.
Tow bar and electrics, you have been very busy. Well done.

Here is an overview of double charging system

Thanks :slight_smile: one must surely have some fun with the Twizy :-)))

OMG !!! :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth:

Please post pictures of your Twizy in the β€œShow us your Twizy” thread. It’s mega.

that is one heck of a job love the little beast i will think about the box when christmas is over and if i ever see my twizy again

That’s dedication, well done :sunglasses:

Awesome job.

I really really like your box, its an awesome idea and you have done a great job with it. But 450euro’s is a lot of money for a car most consider a toy. But I could be wrong and wish you the best with your great bit of kit.

Your car is also awesome.

Kenneth, I am very interested!
The manual states that the top speed is increased to 115 km/h :-

Did you run the twizy with the standard battery pack and motor with the increased top speed for long?


yes I did for about 2 years with 100 Nm tuning