New intelligent Power Box for Twizy :-) 🚀

It’s Saturday now so I reply brief and accurate :slight_smile:
I use Samsung ICR18650-32A 3200 mAh batteries and have them 79P / 15S configuration 3.2 X 79 = 252.8 mAh then we take Average volt pack is 55.5 volts X 252.8Ah = 14 kw I have measured my to 14.2 (it is my BMS as measure this).
I have a 4 way charging profile switch that I have set to 60, 80, 90 and 100% charging
So at 100% charge I then charge the batteries up to 65.25 volts. this I only do if I’m going out on a longer trip and need full capacity

Hi Marcos
you can buy the original battery box of your local Renault dealer.
I paid about 450 euros for it here in Norway. it included the 3 contacts a filter and gasket between the lid and bottom.
I ended up and not use the original connector of the charger for I have dual charger and the original connector can not stand to charge with 65 amp charging.
the original chargers charge only with 32 amp

Thank you Kenneth, I hadn’t even tried, as the battery is not for sale in Spain. I’ll go to my dealer and see if I can get hold of the case. If not, maybe we can do some bussiness ;-D

Hi Kenneth, Really interested in your tuning box, I do quite a bit of mileage on motorways in the UK and this would be ideal. I note the display shows RPM, temp, current etc. Does it also display battery status more accurately than the Renault display?

Cheers Chris

Mine should be arriving in the next day or so, will be able to give some UK feedback then to you guys :smile:

Hey Chris Power box shows no info from batteries. Maybe I put it into sometime in the future. but for now as there are no plans for it

Thank you, I went to my dealer this past satuday and I was sold one battery case. I ordered and paid in advance for two pieces, the lower tray and the upper lid. I don’t know if they come with the plugs or filters. I was told that in a few days they should be here. Let’s hope it’s true, but I somehow doubt I will get the parts in the end.

For one they told me they have to wait for them to come from France (while the Twizy is made in Valladolid, Spain, about 150km from Madrid where I live). Then I was told I shouldn’t be manipulating the battery. Finally, when I returned the original battery to RCI bank last may, they wanted me to sign an agreement where I commited to not put the vehicle into use or sell it to somebody that would do it. Even when I didn’t sign it, after returning the battery I received a letter along the same lines.

I’ll keep you updated.

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i think i would have asked a friend to order the parts. however given how incompetent renault are they wont put two and two together so you should be ok

C’est fantastique et tres tres impressionnant… It’s too late for me to change my Christmas list but if the smart box is as easy to fit as you’ve said on the Twizy I will therefore be interested to purchase in 2016. I will keep you posted.

The picture from the rear is really impressive.

Hi Erik and thank you for that :slight_smile:
Yes PowerBox is very easy to use so if you want one then is only for you to contact me next year if you want to buy one :slight_smile:

best Regards
Kenneth Nilsen

Hi Marcos Do not listen to them. they can not stop you making your own battery if you wish.

I did not have the same problem when I handed in my battery.
I told them that I have made my own battery and that I no longer need to hire battery From them. They were very surprised and tried then only first refusing me to terminate the lease (which then of course did not come far with) when they finally would accept battery then they said nothing more.
But I later received a letter from France with a contract I had to sign before I got termination fee.
Here you can see what I had to sign

They are really trying on with that letter. Removing the battery does not stop it being an approved vehicle. You would have change it in a structural way for that.

RCI are running scared that more mayvdo this and leave them without a business model. If they played fair customer would be more understanding.

As soon as I find a replacement battery, preferably without having to change the whole car though. I will invest in one and let RCI go. If I would pay off the battery, like £3800 and be done with them Or just pay £39 month fee and use how much I want. It would be a different story. But I would like to do 600-1000 miles per month without having to pay 150 euros for it. Insurance isn’t cheap either, about 700 euros per year. Compare that to 900 for the Audi R8…

Ive just bought a Twizy. Im from Belgium. Battery hire 62€/month, for 15000 km. Now Renault ensures the battery themselve, 12€/month. Vehicle ensureance is from a private company, 185€/year. Thats not to bad i think.

Thank you for your support and for the info. Today I received the battery enclosure from my renault dealer. I’m very happy about it. Probably on friday we’ll do some preliminary test to see if the Twizy runs with a home made battery (smaller one just to test) and if everything goes as intended we’ll begin with the real project.

I understand you changed also the charger. I intend to try to keep the original one, but this will probably require some electronics/programming work. I’ve read on a german forum that the charger speaks over the CAN bus with the battery. I hope we can “cheat” it. Maybe I can even repurpose my OVMS to at least make some tests. It’ll be an interesting project, as I don’t have any experience with embeded systems programming. I’ve just played with some basic “sketches” for arduino and TI boards.

I just bought the tray and the lid (~250 Eur both), and they didn’t come with the connectors of filters, just the bare metal parts. As you didn’t use the charging connector, ¿would you sell it to me? I don’t know if the forum has some private messaging facility, but if you wan’t to make an offer I would be interested in buying it. Same for the others (data and motor/sevcon) if you didn’t use them.

Thank you.

Sure Of course you can buy the charging connector if you want.
I also have to spare 1 original charger and 1 original display if anyone needs this. I also have a Sevcon controller but this has not the orginal firmwaren in. It has the same firmware that I have in my Twizy. let us rather take this on Email
You can find my email address in Powerbox manual

Kenneth, please take some time to develop a box for the Twizy45. Should de easy as you already have the basics. Regards.

I’m so interested in the things you’ve done, what app are you using on your Samsung phone? I know most of the OBDII connection apps don’t work well with electric vehicles. Cheers Chris

Hello disem I have tuning files to T45 so I can create a firmware to fit T45 but I have no way to test it since I do not have a T45. maybe you can test them for me?