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New led lights fitted

Just thought I would include some photos of LED lights I fitted today . I wired them into existing pilot lights and fitted them tight to existing glass with 3M double sided tape . They seem very bright and stand out even when the lights are just on the pilot setting . Cheers Mark

Oooo i like

Good work.
Would they look even better with the sidelight bulbs swapped for LED or bright white too?

Loos like another job Lol

Where did you buy them from Sheriman?

The LED strips are easy to get from ebay, they come from China. I use lots of them. In my Motor home, under cupboard lighting in the Kitchen in the Bedroom and even converted external flood light to use a few long strips. The short stripes Mark has used are about 99p delivered (takes 4 weeks to get here). They use a few milliamps In fact 4 use under 700ma.

I was going to add some to my Twizy between the front lighting panels and the bulbous bonnet. Rather than in the lights, but need to order some more first.

Hmm. I wonder if these would work as in-cabin lights too?

Most definitely if you can find a suitable place for them. They are bright so don’t want to point at any ones face.

Ebay item :- http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/120890991666
Select colour and length.

These are the ones I use in the Bedroom as side lights and under cupboard. But the same as I have used for years in the Motorhome. Saves so much power, I replaced all the Fluorescent tubes with LED stripes and the whole van lit up uses less power than one tube. Again useful for saving battery power.

Hi Folks
got them fork EBay from UK supplier £4.99 delivered next day . Didn’t want the slow boat from China Lol . I’m very impressed how bright they are . And good idea Nikki for the interior although I use a push 3 led light I got from Ikea I’ve positioned one in front and one in rear . Mark

Hi Roger
Got them from EBay £4.99 next day delivery
Cheers Mark

Hi Mark – Do you have the name of the seller?

Hi Nikki

Regards Mark


So I just need to find a spare fuse, and put some in the cabin :slight_smile:

Thanks for the link.