New member and (almost) owner

I’m Hans, 41, from Belgium.
Very excited because I ordered a Twizy earlier this month (delivery second half of march). Ever since I test drove a Twizy two years ago I’ve been trying to justify getting one. Reading the enthusiastic stories on this forum helped me to finally bite the bullet.
TwizyOwners seems like a nice community, I’m sure I’ll be back here regularly.

Hi Hans,

You won’t regret it - the community on here is awesome

Welcome, Hans.
Glad you made the plunge. As @Cheekychappie said, you won’t regret it. You will have FUN.
Don’t know what’s the situation in Belgium, but here in the UK it will be silly to buy new as depreciation is crazy. One can pick up bargain second hand ones for very little money.

Got it! :grin: Picked up my beautiful twizy from the dealer’s on Friday. (I’ll post pictures in the appropriate thread soon.)
I took it for the first real spin today (no time last weekend plus insurance wasn’t fully sorted yet). Had so much fun that I kept making detours on the way home - finally parked it in the driveway with flashing an beeping battery warning and 2 km left on the counter! :sweat:
The Twizy definitely gets lots of stares and smiles! And so far only positive remarks, even from strangers.

Some observations:
The grip in tight corners at speed, even on dry roads, isn’t great. Granted, I have been pushing it and the new tires probably need a few miles on them.

The hard suspension makes it painfully clear that Belgian roads are indeed in dire need of some TLC. One particular bump even had me hit my head against the roof!

Performance is ok, except start from standstill should be quicker for safety’s sake. Kenneth’s Power Box to the rescue! (I hope it gets here soon, it’s been underway for two weeks.)

The lights are always on. This seems strange to me but according to the manual it’s by design. Still, I don’t see the point as it’s often unnecessary and negatively affects range. Is there a DIY fix apart from swapping them with LEDs (which I will probably do at some point anyway)?

That’s all for first impressions. I’ll certainly be browsing this forum in the coming weeks for more answers and ideas.

You want to see the roads in the UK, lol. :smile: the Twizy would disappear in some of our potholes!

Potholes!! Down yur in Devon we have families living in shoeboxes in potholes!:wink:
Oh dear Monty Python has a lot to answer for.

On a more sensible note, I fitted Ministromer bushes to the anti roll bars. Suspension is still firm but less harsh and quieter.

To assist in improving the ride, check the tyre pressures. They can be too high and the tyres like on an F! car form part of the susspension. :grin:

Obviously don’t set them too low else you loose the range even more.

The lights are not on by default in my car, 2 years old so maybe they have changed things.

The lights / accessories are also powered by a separate 12V battery, so won’t affect range at all which is a good thing

Isn’t the 12V battery continually charged by the traction battery or only during 220V charging?

I’m now wondering if this is a Belgian legal requirement. The Twizy has an M-xxxxxx- plate which technically makes it a motorcycle. Motorcycles also need to have their lights on at all times. Any Belgian forum members with knowledge on the subject?

The 12v Battery will be topped up as and when required. But it will not really effect the traction battery.

Lights consume approx 140wh while the traction battery is approx 7Kwh, ie. around 1 mile. or 2%

All approx values.

Thanks, useful info.