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New member from Germany

Hi all,
I bought a Twizy over here in Germany in April this year. I liked the concept and it looked fun.

Initially the T was intended to be an additional “car” in our family for occasional use as my daughter just started accompanied driving. The Twizy is really great fun and more practical than I ever thought. In the meantime I am using it almost every day for my way to work.

After a few weeks driving Twizy in occasional rainy and windy weather conditions, I came to the conclusion that it would be nice to have a kind window protecting me from rain and wind while driving. As I like the open concept of the Twizy, I was not looking for a solid or permanent solution but for a flexible window that could easily be removed and stored when not needed but allows easy entry and exit when it is installed.

As there was no suitable solution on the market at that time, I started my own little test series with different materials. Finally I found a local sail maker who helped me to design flexible windows that were composed of two parts: a side window and a smaller rear window. The windows are fixed by push buttons which allow a quick and easy installation and removal.

I soon found out that using the rear windows only had additional advantages. The wind circulation inside the Twizy was reduced to almost zero while driving and also splash water was kept out. It felt like if less power was needed to accelerate and even the range was slightly extended. So I left the rear windstops permanently installed in my T.

As a member of the German Twizy forum: http://www.vectrix-forum.de/index.php?option=com_kunena&Itemid=72&func=view&catid=29&id=13822
I discussed my experiences with other members and many of them ask me if I could supply them the windstop. All windstop users are happy to have them. I receive 100% positive reviews.

Pictures coming soon

Cheers from Germany!


Morning Klaus,

Welcome and hello!

I have looked at all types of window, but cannot find a design that fully suits me yet-I live on a very muddy area and my rear cabin gets filthy inside.

I have just ordered the extended mudflaps to see if this helps, but ecofunkytravel rightly points out that the muddy roads create a fine mud vapour that prevades the entire cabin. I like the design of your rear cabin flaps and may be interested once I have tried the mudflaps for a while.

See the in-depth discussions on:

I like the rear cabin design as it keeps the doors free to move and you can rest your arm and sort parking ticket machines, but extra protection would be nice.
I still think, as per thread above, a set with one hard window and one opening window with a style like the 2CV would be best, but perhaps the mudflaps and rear windows might suit me well?

Thanks for your welcome!

Jep Twizy windows are a big issue over here as well. A lot of discussion going on, a number of interesting concepts in the market but the perfect solution is still not in sight :rolleyes:
Even Renault cannot confirm yet when their windows will be available here as they are still struggling with German authorities for approvals.

I am pretty sure the small rear windows would help to keep mud vapours out of the cabin of your T. As written above, the biggest advantage of the rear flaps is that air turbulences inside the cabin are reduced to almost zero what makes driving much more comfortable. As a nice side effect dirt and splash water are kept out and so the cabin does not get that filthy and wet inside. And, I also use them as “range extender” :smiley:

Now in English 8-|



Hi Klaus

Do the rear windows attach to the doors, or will they work on Twizys without doors? How much difference do they make to the range? It looks like a very clever design.


The rear windows do attach to the rear cabin, not to the doors. So they fit in Twizys without doors too.
Re the range - during my personal test drives under same conditions, on same distances with and without rear windows, the range was extended by approx 8% with the rear flaps attached (tests admittedly not scientifically proven 8-|). The percentage will depend on your way of driving and also if you drive in a hilly or flat region

Thanks Klaus

That’s very interesting. We’re rather strange in preferring our Twizy doorless , maybe because we regard driving a Twizy as an outdoor experience that we’re willing to dress up for. But we’re also very keen on minimum energy usage, which we think is the main benefit of the Twizy. The energy used sucking air into the vehicle could be significant - it is said that you use more energy driving a normal car at 50mph with the windows open than you do if you close the windows and put the air conditioner on! Are there pictures of a Twizy with just the rear windows attached somewhere on the Web. Thanks.

Must admit I may try some of these, as I often use the Twizy two up, and it is freezing in the back :slight_smile:

Yep, the doorless version seems to be more popular in the UK than it is in Germany. I have actually not yet seen one over here.

Picutres are on my homepage:
as well as the mounting instructions:

For sure as the one who developed these rear windows I am most certainly not objective :rolleyes:, but I can really recommend you to try them. I am sure you and your back seat passengers will be thrilled by the effects :smiley:

User comments and reviews have all been positive, sometimes even enthusiastic. Some feedbacks are published on my homepage. So far they are all in German but with googles’ help you might get a useful translation …

I will sort out ordering some tonight, along with a sticker or two :slight_smile:

Thanks Klaus - I’m sold. I just need to consult the rest of the crew. :wink:

I like it! I am curious on your crew’s decision :wink:

LIKE IT! If you need more info, PM me or email to [email protected]

I’m interested to know if the side windows will work with the Twizy standard windows. I guess they would, which would give complete protection from the rain when parked :wink:

And to be honest, that’s been my major critisism. This could be the end to wet bottoms! :slight_smile:

I solve this by keeping two old tea towels on the radiator near the front door and wiping the Twizy down in the following order:
Inside of the windscreen, dash, seat, roof above head (it drips otherwise!)
Door upper arches, mirrors/side glass, door tops, windscreen, rear seat

Basically, from cleanest to dirtiest areas to save scratches. It then goes in the wash or back on the rad and I take a clean one with me in the dash cubby.
It only takes 20 seconds when you get used to a system and it works well-the only complaint is that I usually have a wet seatbelt!

The windows that I made cover up the curve at the back unlike the Renault ones, and it stays dry. Water does drip down the door card to the floor. Condensation on the underside of the roof has dripped on my head!