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New member in Herefordshire

Evening all

Just waiting for my white ex-demo Technic to be delivered after finally making the jump. I met a local owner who started the interest of it in me and took a test drive in Hereford but I lost interest when the 2012 Renault price list had a section stating the Twizy had a range of 31 miles in extreme use, but they could not qualify if this low range included a passenger, headlights, gradients and-importantly-the effect winter will have on the battery.

Cue a lot of internet searching and finally a very helpful discussion with Ian from ETN who have 7 they hire out in Brecon who put me right.

I loved the car, but the Renault experience has been bumpy with even the ZE experts at Renault not knowing much and the sale experience being less than slick-I have really battled to actually buy one. Even my trade insurance brokers flat refused to cover the Twizy (quadricycle brought up visions of quad bikes) until we ignored them and went direct to the underwriting department at my insurers Tradewise who were very sensible and professional and “updated” the brokers.

We have two kids and run a huge Iveco Daily van and a wonderful Ford Transit Tourneo 8 seat minibus, but find we make many local journeys two up so thought we could save the amount the Twizy will cost us in diesel and running costs on the two big vehicles.

We were very nervous of heavy depreciation on the Twizy-especially once the Gordon Murray T27 gets built in 3 years time (£13k minus 5k government car grant-its a car not a quadricycle, so 8k, has 3 seats, aircon, roof and windows) and were shocked that the Birmingham main dealer had only sold 4 Twizys this year. With the slow sales, huge number of demos being dropped onto the used market and the oddness of it being a barrier to many buyers, we could not justify a new one, so searched nationally for a really good ex-demo at a bargain price, then haggled hard and long so that if we sold it, we would not lose so much. Our logic was that the used stock is increasing day by day and many will be put off buying over the winter due to the lack of OE windows (we have looked at aftermarket ones), so many of these Twizys will either sit until summer or be vastly reduced to move them on. I guess Renault will do a deal soon with 0%, combined finance and battery hire deals, and skyroof special edition or something to spice up the sales and sooner or later will offer full doors, so had to be persuaded hard to buy now. Although we love the Twizy, cold hard economics bite-and we very nearly bought a Winther Kangaroo family bike with an electric motor instead, but finally one dealer agreed to my “it won’t sell until March” deal.

Anyway, a long intro and points may run into various threads, but HELLO!

A car has to start somewhere, and we are there forefarthers.

When i finally get mine in October I am planning of using it everyday without windows. I am not made of sugar and I am a glutton for punishment.

As for were you live. Lovely part of the country My grandparents lived in Leominster and were crimated in Hereford. Strange connection, and not sure where I am going with that so will end it there.

Cheers for repsonding

Yes, Leominster is a great place and very much under-rated, it is almost a hidden treasure compared to Ludlow-it takes time to understand. A lovely place to live and a great base to explore the amazing countryside in the Twizy!

I sold a 'bike to fund the Twizy, so I’m used to the elements-felt a bit daft test driving it in my armour jacket though…

After a few wet school runs, I may succumb to the windows though-I’ll see how the kids fare with the spray in their face. Perhaps I’ll also fit a wood stove…!

If you don’t have flaps on the front mud guards (£25) get these first. They eliminate most of the water for us, and we don’t even have doors!

Thanks for that. I think the problem will be getting soaked by opposing vehicles passing through puddles down our wet lanes, but I will soon find out!

Passing vehicles are not as much problem as people think. The puddles are worse but the mad flaps do fix that a lot. I have doors but when sat in the back during a heavy rain storm I got wet from a large puddle. This was why I fitted the flaps tot he front. Left the back As I quite like the rooster tails.:slight_smile:

Agree-they’re cool! I don’t think I can fit the extended guards as I have go over a near standard height kerb at an angle to park it up. We’ll see!

Mounting high kerbs may also be an issue for you because of the stiffness of the chassis and the limited suspension travel on a Twizy. It’s relatively easy for one of the wheels leave the ground, and that can be awkward if it’s a rear (driven) wheel, because it will spin. If you fit flaps, I guess you may need to go forward up the kerb and backward down. :wink:

Blimey, you took some deciding to buy, I just saw them at Goodwood, and rang up and ordered one.
Ther is more to life than money, so I just went with it anyway, had a few cars that cost a fair bit more, so,used to loosing thousands :slight_smile:
I too plan to run mine all year round without windows, I have a trapper hat and gloves.
Hope you enjoy running yours, would be nice to see a few more on the roads, perhaps after the ZE roadshow in Nottingham, someone will,take the plunge, never see any around these parts.

I have had about 140 cars, 20 'bikes etc and have lost enough money to last three lifetimes-the Twizy is a risky buy and will be hard to sell out of the dealer network.
Mine is sitting in a showroom 95 miles away and is all paid for and valeted-they agreed as part of the deal to deliver it and today have sent me a quote of £150+vat for delivery. I have not been impressed with Renault all through this and this just adds to it. I guess it’ll be a complaint to Renault before the day is out. My spontaneous excitement of driving it was beaten out of me by Renault at the start and this is why I did not want to lose money-if they are this hard work before I even get it, what next?

I hope the ownership of it will make me forget it is a Renault; I have jumped through hoops to get this far.
I know that very soon, there will be a special deal, special edition, finance deal or whatever that will make me wish I had waited.
Money is not everything, but value is…

Do you want to name the dealer or town?

I think we’ve all had similar experiences with Renault dealerships. If Renault are reading this, then they seriously need to take note of what we are saying and improve things.

I’ll tell the whole story once I’ve got the thing, involves five dealers, Renault UK and Renault ZE.
Basically, I test drove one at my nearest dealer and was told they had no incoming stock and a factory order was needed, the next nearest dealer who I had also spoken to rang me to offer me one in their group for 1st Sept in the spec I wanted, put a deposit down, the first dealer then got the hump even though I had said I wanted one by 1st Sept, then saw the 31 mile range in the back of the main price list brochure, queried this and no-one could answer whether it would do the 31 mile journey I needed to do over a hilly road at night in winter, they could not give me a demo at all as had sold theirs, Renault could not arrange a demo for over four hours which was hopeless, another dealer miles away would offer overnight demo if I insured it, paid a deposit and signed finance, Renault UK got involved, Renault ZE had no answers and would not commit, told the garage to refund deposit, they took 8 days to do that, gave up on the idea.
Then found a local chap via ebay who bought one, he gave me the number for ETN Brecon who hire 7 out and put my mind at rest, so decided I would buy an ex-demo to prevent heavy losses as I could not imagine anyone coping with this messing about buying one. Eventually did a deal, paid for it, hoping to get it asap.

There’s load of detail missing there but the basics are I wanted one asap as my son started school 4th Sept (the reason I wanted one) and I wanted to make sure it would do the 31 mile hilly drive I needed it for twice a week at night before paying for it. The Twizy brochure says 61 mile range, the 2012 Renault price list says down to 31 miles but does not state if this includes winter, passenger, hills, lights, heated screen etc. No-one could arrange a test drive of the route it was needed for, no-one could answer my questions. There has been much aggro in-between. After my own research, I found out about ETN www.ecotravelnetwork.co.uk whose 7 cars were supplied by the place I had the first contact/demo with-even the same salesman. My “impulse buy” mindset had by then gone and I wanted a deal that made it attractive as the experience had not been.
Now I have bought it and paid for it, there is no facility to deliver it EDIT: although in fairness the salesman is trying-it is too narrow for a standard car trailer and a lorry costs £££ when my deal was at cost price

It had better be damned good when I get it!

Sounds like the sort of issues I have when I buy something. When I went to Goodwood FOS, I expressed an interest with a young chap and his IPad, never heard a thing from Renault. I went to a ZE dealer 3 months ago, to look at one, the guy seemed good and took my details, he rang me last week to see if I wanted one. I didn’t have the heart to tell him I had owned one already for over a month :slight_smile:
Fortunately for me , I know someone very high up at Perrys, so 1 email to him, and the car was delivered to me 100 miles away, within about 3 days. It seems like Renault is “doing you a favour” to sell you a car.
Considering a new Ford KA is £50 cheaper, to name but one car, you would think they would be bending over backwards to help any prospective buyers.

The Twizy is very expensive: a basic Urban with doors is £7245, plus 36 payments of £57 battery hire for reasonable mileage, equals £2052, total £9297! This was my reason for haggling hard-even though the 4 package is good and running costs will be low, you could buy a basic 4 seat, fully enclosed car and a lot of fuel for that money.
Where it makes sense is London, with the free parking and free entry into the CG zone.
I wish it was made by either Mazda or Honda personally because they would know what they were doing.

Sooner or later, Renault will have to offer new deals-which will make ours depreciate hard.

I’m a bit concerned about the 31 mile range. Is that true? I get more out of my G-Wiz now and it’s batteries are 2 years old.

I had this out with Renault UK as the brochure states 62 miles then in the ZE brochure 50 miles of “eco” driving, then in the back of the all vehicle 2012 price list 31 miles extreme use. They could not tell me if extreme use was flat out, with a passenger, lights/wipers/screen on, in winter over hills or give any more info. I spoke to Ian at ETN who hires 7 of these around the Brecon Beacons who said “average mileage is 40-45, never known one do less than 30 with abuse, have done 64 hypermiling”.

I will let you know what mine does when I get it, but obviously a lightly loaded car on flat warm roads with no accessories on, driven carefully will do more than 31 miles-it remains to be seen what mileage a fully loaded one, with lights/wipers/screen on, driven to keep up with A road traffic can do in winter on a hilly route…

Ok then it sounds like it drives like a G-wiz. Some tips guys: I’ve had my G-wiz for 4 years now and the range all depends on how you drive it. If the drive is the same then these are my tips for a longer range: never floor it. You don’t need to. Just a light press on the throttle will do just the same as flooring it with less power consumption. When I pick up enough speed I always de-press the throttle or even take my foot off. Never use the throttle going down hill. I’m not sure if the twizy has this but the g-wiz has re-generative breaking. Also you’re right bout winter. The range will drop in cold temperatures. Also most importantly ifnyounhavent charged the car for a few hours don’t expect the range to be the same when you get back in it after you left it.

Go on-line and find a site called car transporters. I just bought my Twizy from Bristol - a 330mile round trip. The website offered a self driver transporter fo £95 with insurance and 250 miles… had a totally smooth load bed. Cost £86 in fuel and £13 for the extra miles but hey, I got my Twizy, and that is the last time I will be at a fuel station for a very long time! I found the link on e-bay http://compare.ebay.co.uk/like/271055263524?var=lv&ltyp=AllFixedPriceItemTypes&var=sbar&adtype=pla

Many thanks indeed for this-will chat to them. It is 100 miles, so I think I may get a mate to drop me over, do the handover at the dealers, drive 40 miles to a friend, have lunch while topping up, drive 30 miles to another friend, top up again and then drive the last 30 miles home…

All this theory and annoyance will hopefully be well forgotten when I start to drive and have fun!

Thanks again-and enjoy your new Twizy.
PS-I was gutted-I went a week without looking on here, was looking for a used Twizy, saw your post you had just bought this one which I missed, screamed!