New Member Looking for a Twizy *Twizy Wanted*

Hi folks,

Following much reading and lurking on here, I’ve made the decision: I WILL become a Twizy nutter asap… :grinning:

So, I am looking for any Twizy so long as it has doors, please.

Age, colour, mileage unimportant - but as honest and inexpensive an example as possible.

If you or anyone you know are considering parting with your Twizy, please get in touch. I would love to give an enthusiast’s car a good new home…

In the meantime, greetings from Cheshire/Manchester.

Cheers, Baggers (Paul).

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Hi @bagss2

How long have you been toying with the idea of getting a Twizy? :slight_smile:

Hi @James. Since Thursday evening… :wink:

I have made contact with a forum member, via the helpful members’ map on here, to hopefully have a look at his Twizy this coming week. I will at least have seen one ‘in the flesh’, so can then commit whenever - and wherever- the right one pops up.

Cheers, Baggers.

Hi Paul,

My Twizy is for sale, had been for ages tbh, no one down this end of the world wants one. Anyway if your interested let me know I’ll get some details over to you


Thanks for your post @wildfireone, I have sent you a message. :slight_smile:

Cheers, Baggers.

Where is ‘this end of the world’?

@richardinliberec I’m down the Lizard in Cornwall, it really is the end of the world!

I saw this one for sale last week. It is at the other end of the world, on the Isle of Skye. The sign on the car said something about being able to deliver.

Thanks for posting @RMBScotland, I have been in contact with that seller. He has now sent the car to Inverness to be sold by a trader… :confused:

Cheers, Baggers.

HI Paul if you are still looking for twizy i have a 2015 plate with 2464 miles and still has warranty until 2018
it is in very good condition it has hands free for phone & music heated windscreen,alloy wheels,windows, and is for sale £5250 O.V.N.O
can send photos reason for sale moving to country side and retiring my email is [email protected]

sorry email [email protected]

shame it needs to have doors as mines is for sale

it dose have doors they are open in photos

Mine is still available. 2013 with 4700 miles on it. £3500.

hi mike just sold mine on auto trader in 48 hrs full price may be try it

Thanks Sapini. What year and mileage was yours and how much?

We have one with doors… black and white Technic… top model 2012 4000 miles…

And not got a battery lease!!! Not be chased for 6 months!

Essex… just google black and white technic … it’s quite mint… serious offer…

How much are you looking for roughly?

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Just got a years MOT on it… car is perfect had all the recalls… a decent offer and anyone can take it.