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Hi, I’ve been a visitor for a while and thought It was about time I joined.
I was looking for the most cost effective way of making short trips a few years ago (instead of using large cars) and nearly bought a BMW C1 (scooter with a roof). Although I am not a motor cyclist, the concept had great appeal to me. Anyway I left it too long and BMW withdrew them from the UK because of the requirement to wear a helmet (not needed in Europe).
I read about the Twizy in (April?) 2011 and thought that it would fit the bill perfectly. I had a test drive in April this year and ordered one immediately. Due to business travel plans I couldn’t collect mine from the dealer until the end of May. It is an orange Urban with doors, and is absolutely fantastic! I’ve driven approximately 950 miles and love it. In my opinion it is the ONLY battery powered vehicle that makes sense.
I’m dissappointed that I have only seen one other Twizy on the road - in Lymington, Hampshire back in August. I was in Paris for the last 4 days and the only Twizy I saw was in a Renault dealer in Ave de la Grande Armee. I was interested in the price of the side windows - 340 Euros - but they didn’t have any in stock. They gave me the name of another dealer who apparentely had them, but I ran out of time, so didn’t get to see them.
The range of the Twizy is fine for me, as most of the trips I use it for are less than 15 miles. I have found that even if I am gentle on the accelerator, the realistic safe range is 40 miles. Last week in the frost I did a 35 mile run to Guildford and back and had just 2 miles range left.
Anyway I think that will do to start!

Hello and welcome

In our small town of 11,000 people, there are 3 nearby, but I have only seen the one before I bought mine and spoke the other owner on the phone!

Have a look around and post on a few threads-see you soon.

I was told it goes 60 miles. My work is 35 mile drive so I was feeling ok until I read your mileage.


60 miles is the maximum range in perfect conditions driving very economically on a flat route etc.

Obviously in the real world you’re going to get hills, the weather isn’t going to be perfect, you might drive it too ‘sporty’ and thus the range will fall. However the average range is still around 35-40 miles and even more if just being driven sensibly around town.

As James posted, realistically 40 miles about right if used on faster roads; I do a very hilly 50mph A-road run of 31 miles and I am left with 5-10 miles to go even with lights and wipers on at night in the cold.

The quickest way to flatten the battery is to run at a constant full speed; eg on a motorway, in normal use you are accelerating and decelerating and the regeneration is helping your range.

The acid test is to do your commute in the cold weather and see how you get on-I would say you need a little “comfort zone” too to allow for the battery not holding 100% charge when ageing: see battery hire agreement.