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New owner - 3 days to go!

Hello all! After following the Twizy from conception, I am now a proud owner and will be taking delivery on 21 May. I was not quite happy to pay over £8k for a Twizy but have managed to secure a year old Technic from my local Renault dealer for £5,400! I’m very excited and also thinking ‘what have I done?’!!! I will be using this along side my main car - so really for evenings and weekends. I decided to finally go for one after renting one this week in the Lake District. It was so much fun. Lots of stares, pointing, laughing and people taking photo’s. Comments included ‘I want that car’ and ‘that car is sick’ ha ha. We rented ours in the rain but found it not to be half as bad as some critics write. All I want now is a cover for it and to put on some personal plates. Any ideas where to find a cover for just the top? i.e. not a full body cover… I look forward to sharing my Twizy experiences and learning from this forum on how to get the best from it. Cheers!

Welcome to the Twizy owners.

Covers covered else where. But a 4 bike cover from Halfords fits your requirements.

Congratulations, you won’t regret it :slight_smile:

Check out this cover I bought for the Twizy from a most unusual source. It is from Lidl and it is a Garden Table cover by Florabest. As you can see it is almost a perfect fit. And the best thing about it, it costs £4.99!! Only trouble with Lidl goods is when they are gone, they are gone.

That is an amazing fit for £4.99.

Thanks! That is a snug fit. Next is trying to sort out insurance cover for the battery!! :redface: Apparently, I am the number 4 buyer of a Twizy in Stoke on Trent lol - according to the Renault dealer…

Thanks! That is a snug fit lol. Next on my list is insuring the battery! :redface: Apparently, I am the fourth Twizy owner in Stoke on Trent - according to the Renault dealer :cool:

Day 2 of my new Twizy! Having so much fun - lots of stares and comments. I am quite pleased with the handling, power etc. The suspension is quite firm :lol: but I love it!!! I have gone with a cover from Renault- albeit it very costly - it just sets it off nicely. Picking it up on Saturday. (different to the one advertised on the website). I have to say that Aviva have been brilliant. It took some to and fro-ing with the underwriters but they have covered the battery and at a reasonable cost.

[quote=Redfoot;4830 The suspension is quite firm :lol: but I love it!!!.[/QUOTE]

Have you checked your tyre pressures? All out Twizys were supplied at new with over inflated tyres and this affects the ride.[/quote]

Thanks osbrook - I will check them today

Looking forward to driving in my shorts in the Twizy this weekend :razz: The new cover is protecting it really well in this torrential rain… also waxed it last weekend and protected the plastic parts with Autoglym. Just waiting now to put my personal number plate on… 8 days on and loving it more than I could have imagined!!