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New owner as of Nov 2012

Hi all I’m Steve and finally the proud owner of a twizy colour with doors. I got it yesterday and have driven home and now into work. I work in the centre of Oxford and used to commute on a motorbike but arthritis in my left hand has stopped this for me. The Twizy simply puts a huge grin on my face and is such fun and easy to use. No more putting on layers of bike clothing or bad hair days from the crash helmet(what hair is left of course). I think windows will help although it was raining very hard this morning and the doors kept me very dry.

The front number plate fell off on the way home yesterday and i have seen some chat on here about them, are any others leaving them off? or had any issues when they are off?

Overall very happy with it and hope to get the grin factor for some time and will update a photo of it soon


Morning Steve
Welcome to Twizying-there’s quire a few bikers on the forum. It’s great not having to wear a helmet!

My Twizy sits outside and I have doors, but no windows-I keep a tea towel to hand and wipe down the door arches, tops and seat if needed. The towel can be kept in one of the cubbies for when you are out. I have not put windows on mine as I like the open air experience, but I am considering fitting some rear deflectors like these:
http://www.twizy-folien.de/twizy-folien/Rear_cabin_window.html but I am not keen on drilling the cabin, so may make my own from Lexan and fit them somehow.

There has been much discussion about needing the front number plate-some think it is not a legal requirement, but it seems to be needed for the MOT.
Anyone clarified the official legal stance?

Enjoy your new Twizy, had mine since May and the novelty still hasn’t worn off.
I’m curious that the number plate should have fallen off, mine regularly scrapes the kerb when I park perpendicular to it and is still very much attached to the Twizy despite this abuse. Your dealer owes you a new one. I think it is better to fit the small square plate at the front rather than a full length one.
I can’t clarify if the front plate is a legal requirement for a large quadracycle, even so without one the police will pull you over at any opportunity if they think otherwise.

Welcome to the forum , I also drive a motorcycle , and swap between twizy and bike regularly.
I took my front plate off, as I think it looks stupid.
A friend traffic cop cam into work the other day, and looked around the Twizy, he asked me where the front plate was, and I said its a Quad so didnt need one. His reply was erm I am not sure, so I said that’s good enough for me. :slight_smile:

Spent a while searching and every article on every relevant site says a road legal heavy quadricycle (as the Twizy is) requires plates FRONT and REAR.



Its gone a little of the introduction, but welcome to the club?

Is this classed as a club?

thanks for your help new plate being fitted properly today

I believe there is a specific instruction to the Renault dealers regarding the need to reinforce the fixing for the index plates for the UK spec.

Hi there just a few points to pickup on refrence the front plate.
My dealer asked if i would like one on the front and I said do i have to have it to which he replied no as it’s a quad bike in dvla’s eyes.
Ok i said don’t fit it as i feel it looks better with out one. Thats great he said as it takes about 2 hours for our tech to fit one correctly on the front as per Renault’s fitting instructions and there a pain to do. Hope this helps and happy Twizling.

Dealer is wrong, road legal quads must have front and rear plates fitted :wink:

O i see so do i must have one fitted by law…?

I can see a lot of legislation to say yes and none to say no…as above

Here is some information from the police ‘advice’ on road legal quads

Most quad bikes are only designed for off road use. They do not conform to regulations in relation to tyres, lights, horn, speedometer etc. and it is therefore illegal to use them on a road.
**However, there are some road legal quad bikes and in order to be used legally on the road they must registered with the DVLA, taxed, insured and have an MOT. **

They must also comply with all the stringent constructions and lighting requirements. A local quad bike dealer should be able to help you if you want to know whether your quad bike is road legal or alternatively contact the Department for Transport at,

**The Department for Transport,
Vehicle Standards and Engineering 4,
Great Minster House,
76 Marsham Street,
SW1P 4DR **
Public Enquiry Telephone Number: 0207 944 3000
Fax Number: 0207 676 2166
E-mail: [email protected]

You must be at least 17 years old to ride a road legal quad bike (if they do not exceed 3.5 tonnes).
All terrain vehicles (Quad Bikes) can fall within categories B and B1. If the vehicle has 3 or 4 wheels and weighs more than 550kgs unladen it will fall within category B. Vehicles which weigh less than 550kgs unladen will fall within category B1. There is no legal requirement to wear a helmet but from a safety aspect it is always advisable to wear a proper helmet.

A quad bike that is to be used on the road must display registration plates to the front and rear.

New to the site, but I see a lot of mention of Quads.
I come from owning a few Petrol Quadricycles (Microcars & Aixams) and I think people are getting confused by mentioning Quad bikes.
A quad bike has totally different legal requirements to a Quadricycle.
The Twizy is a Quadricycle and not a Quad bike.
They are two totally different vehicles. :smiley:


There seem to be just two classes, light quadricycles (L6e) which cover up to 350kg, maximum 50cc or 4kw which the Twizy 45 falls into, or heavy quadricycles (L7e) which covers 400kg (or 550kg if goods vehicle) and up to 15kw. The Twizy 80 or UK version (at present) falls into this category.

As I understand it some quad bikes and Microcars fall into the same “small four wheeled vehicle, lighter than a car” categories legally as the Twizy, so the same legislation applies, hence the posting-even though, as you say they are very different vehicles. There is much discussion about road tax of these vehicles as they are currently set under the old PLG rates and there is talk of reclassifying “quads” as motorbikes and tidying up the categories.

Quad bike is a stupid name really as Quad means four wheeled, bike means two wheeled-but they are used like four wheeled off road bikes!

To clarify, the UK Twizy (EU Twiizy 80) is classed as a heavy quadricycle L7e and is legally required to have number plates fitted front and rear.

There is much discussion about road tax of these vehicles as they are currently set under the old PLG rates and there is talk of reclassifying “quads” as motorbikes and tidying up the categories.

I hope so, my current Petrol Microcar MC1 is £135 a year to tax with its measly 505cc engine :frowning:


Yep, the car tax system is madness-your MC1 is less polluting than a big motorbike which only costs £76pa.

Our company van tax is daft too-it is Euro IV and would be £135pa if registered by 31st Dec 2006-it was registered early Jan 2007 and is therefore £215pa. Annoying.
Our 2.0 diesel Tourneo family bus is only 75PS and runs exceptionally clean emissions-it gets nearly 40mpg-but costs £270 to tax, the same as an 8mpg V12 Bentley if they registered it before March 2006…

The drive for low emissions will backfire in the long run as it is making cars become over-complex and too expensive to economically repair when their value reduces (dozens of fragile sensors, turbo charger AND supercharger anyone?) so the useful life is shortened and they need replacing sooner-ecological madness.

That being said, the Twizy is free :cool:

I don’t think the Twizy’s WEIGHT makes it a heavy quadricycle - the 45 could weigh the same, and will certainly be more than 350kg on the road. For arcane legislative reasons, the weight of a vehicle does not include its batteries, I believe. I can’t imagine why that would be, but I am assured that it is so.

The legislation is that a light quadricycle is 30mph/50cc or 4kw, all others are classed as heavy-it is not the weight as both Twizys are under 350kg without their 100kg batteries, but the Twizy (80) exceeds the power and speed limitations to make it a “light” quadricycle. Daft terminology then!

One thing, then-if the doors are factory fit and a Twizy with doors is 474kg inc battery-if you take the 100kg off, a Twizy 45 would be 374kg-and would be classed as heavy like the 80. Or is this info wrong? Or do they weigh/class the doorless version only and ignore options? Corrections invited!

No - I think you are right that the weight doesn’t matter (up to some maximum) it’s the power and top speed. If Renault wants 16 year old drivers to be able to drive the 45, they may just need to limit the speed and the power. The b-bugs we were using last year were hoped by their builder to conform to what they call these “moped” regulations, although what is meant by a 4kW electric motor seems to be somewhat moot. I think it may (be interpreted to) mean a motor that can draw 4kW indefinitely without heating. “Peak” power is allowed to be somewhat higher. I understand all conventional electric motors have a “rating” that they can vastly exceed for short periods.