New Owner Belfast

Hello All,
I am a massive Renault fan and I have always been interested in a Twizy every since I saw one on holiday in Nice. When I returned from holiday I started looking for one on the usual ebay & gumtree etc. I saw one I had liked the look of but as I live in Belfast it was a bit far for a viewing. I called an owner who had one for sale in London and was confused by the battery lease from an existing agreement.
I called my local dealer who by chance had a Twizy that had arrived 2 days earlier. The asking price was £3500 I rushed down the next morning and left a deposit. I could not believe my luck as I did not have to travel any distance to purchase one.
The Twizy is a 2013 model and had only 500 miles on it. The previous owner from what I was told, owned a drinks factory and used it to drive around the site - He left it in for a service one day and called Renault to buy it from him.
2 Weeks on and I absolutely love it! :grin:
Whilst waiting for the v5c to arrive I purchased a cover for it at (which still hasn’t arrived yet) and a power box - what a difference!
Me and the girlfriend go out in it daily to walk the two (small) dogs. Not a day goes by where I do not get stopped or shouted at and approached by someone wanting to see more and talk about it. Not a common sight in Belfast. I am usually used to the staring as I own a Renault Avantime which completely towers above the Twizy.
It is so much fun to drive and puts a smile on your face every time you drive it.
I don’t hope to go a great distance in it but I would consider purchasing the adapter cable to make use of the charge points around the city.
Windows - or lack of…
I do not think I will be purchasing the windows as I think this takes away the whole experience. Despite the typical summer weather I did get caught in the hail and rain last week but luckily I wasn’t too far away from home. I do plan soon to change the gearbox oil as recommended.
Here’s looking forward to a fun Summer!:sunny:


Welcome, Leigh. Good buy. Right decision about the windows.
Summer is coming. Enjoy.


Looks fantastic! You also own a Renault Avantime, do you have a thing for buying rare Renaults?!

Enjoy! I’d also recommend buying an adaptor (3-pin to type 2) so you can charge at public charging stations.

Thank you!

Thank you, I have the adapter on order. Yes you could say I have a fetish for rare Renaults lol.

Whenever I see a Avantime on the road I do a double take, certainly way ahead of it’s time!