New Owner from Lancashire

Hi everyone,

I have just purchased a brand new Twizy Technic on a 65 plate, due to be delivered end of this week.

I test drove one a few weeks back and loved it, never had so much fun! Definitely a strange experience at first but I didn’t want the test drive to end. Couldn’t get over how much attention it attracted.

My other new car being delivered this month is a Golf R… Two very different cars I know. The Golf is the fun gas guzzler car, the Twizy is the fun Eco car… Best of both worlds :smile:

I will post some pictures when it arrives


Welcome, I’m new too. Had my Technic (not new but good as) for just 12 days. It’s a blast. I hope you enjoy yours as much. There’s a wealth of info on this forum from some very helpful owners, keep in touch.

Welcome. Hope the weather stays nice longer for you to enjoy your Twizy, because not doubt it is better as a warm weather car.
No worries if the weather gets bad you can still enjoy your motoring in the Golf R, probably the best “real world” car. Lucky devil.
Yeah, do post photos of both and keep us posted how you get on.

Thanks everyone. The Twizy is being delivered on Thursday :smile:

What is everyone paying for insurance? Just got a quote from Renault for £274.


This is a great forum. I’m sure the twizy will give you so much pleasure.

Hi Iain
My insurance was £212 with Aviva. 2 yrs NC given because my other car is with them. They also think I’m old and steady - in a Twizy, on the way home with plenty of battery left. Hah!!

Only five sleeps till Thursday. You won’t be disappointed.

Lots of good stuff here.



I pay £180 for my Twizy, but then I am an old git with max NCB.

Well, got the Twizy delivered to work this afternoon… I just love it!

Caused a big stir with all my work colleagues, everyone wanted to go out in it!

Got an insurance quote with Admiral, £160 for the year.

That’s a good quote.
Enjoy your Twizy!! You will cause a stir everywhere you go. Be prepared for a lot of questions.

and funny looks but it’s all worth it!

I love the funny looks very futuristic in my eyes and so much fun to drive. Because I charge it from solar or meadowhall its also free to run doesnt get better


Couple of pictures as promised :smile:

Very Nice. Thanks for sharing with us. Now get out and enjoy before the cold weather.