New owner - lots of questions

After many months of looking around for a twizy I finally put a deposit down on one which I pick up next weekend. It’s a 2013 registered one so it still has some warranty left on it until the middle of next year. So the question is what is likely to go wrong and what signs should I be looking out for?
Second question is about windows, I have doors but no windows and I want windows so what do I buy OEM or after market? I’ve seen the twy ones and the other UK similar ones, are there any others which people would recommend?
Finally (for now) music, what do people do? Is there some after market installation people do or is it just some BT speakers and your mobile phone?
Really looking forward to picking it up we hired one a few months ago in the lakes and it was great laugh.
Thanks Mike


Welcome Mike. Congrats on your buy. Pity winter is on its way. You will enjoy the Twizy a LOT more in the summer.
Things that usually go wrong:
sticking brakes and corroded calipers
premature wear of discs and pads
faulty hazard warning light switch
doors not rising on their own, need new springs
some people had new 12V
some need new charger
Others can add to the list.
Personally I won’t bother with windows. I find the Twizy nicer without wondows. It was designed that way. Insulate yourself properly and you will find it is perfectly fine without windows. Whatever you do DON’T bother with the Renault ones. They are sh… !!
I won’t bother with music either. The Twizy is so noisy, it’s a waste of time. Besides Twizy journeys will be short.
Enjoy and let us know how you get on.
Btw, what battery rental mileage did you opt for?

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Fit flaps to the front mud guards - whether or not you opt for windows…

I do have the Renault windows, and don’t have any problems with these. However, I haven’t used them for over a year because I don’t like driving with windows at all.
No mud flaps either.
Congratulations and have fun wit it!!!

I have the Renault windows too, but I don’t use them. I find them useless. They flap at speed and create a lot of wind noise. I like it far better without them.
I don’t have the mud flaps either. They are probably essential if you don’t have doors.

I am probably the lone supporter of the OEM windows.

I find that they are more versatile when wanting to grab a parking ticket or unzip to fully open when the weather changes from cool to hot. A rub with candle wax keeps them from sticking.

Another useful tip is to bend the spigots so that the frames fit more snugly to the opening. After a bit of tinkering, I have none of the rattle others have issues with.

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I have both Renault windows and twy-rain. The Renault windows is for use in the warmer time of year, they’re easy to remove if it’s hot. And the twy-rain windows is for the winter. It’s not windy in the cabin and I don’t get cold. I love them! :+1: :relaxed:

And then we have music; I bought two Sony SRS-XB3 and have paired them so I have stereo sound. The sound is really amazing! :slight_smile:

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Do they always flap at speed?
My windows just flap on stormy weather situations.
What I don’t like is that, because of the absence of a blower, these windows are always wet on the inside.

Thanks for the feedback so far. So it looks likes people are divided on windows, but those with the TWY ones seem happy with them and these too I think would be my choice, although I do like the idea of a second set for the summer which are easily removable.

As for warranty work it sounds like I have to give the car a good going over once I get it to check for a few of the better known problems. Not seen the car in the flesh yet, won’t see it until Saturday when I go to collect it, 700 mile round trip, hope it’s as good as described when I get there…:astonished:

I like the thought of the speakers in the seats, that reminded me of an MX5 I used to have which had speakers in the headrest so you could still hear the stereo with the roof down.

Keep the feedback coming in :+1:

At higher speeds, say 45mph (haha) or so the windows lift clear of the door frame, creating a racket and at certain frequencies it will start flapping.
I have done the bending as suggested by @Pete, but it made no difference. The other thing is with the opening and closing of the doors, the front quarter light will get scratched eventually. Mine has done it in a few months use. Also the roof frame get scratched with black deposits from the windows, which luckily can be polished off.
Having to unzip every time to get at the door handle was a pain, although I have developed a system to overcome that.

I use my Twizy virtually everyday all year round, except when it is bucketing down. This is the 3rd winter now without the windows and as long as I get myself well insulated I don’t find it a problem.

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Just coming up to my 5th Winter and I use my Twizy everyday rain, snow or sun :slight_smile: and I have never fitted windows and so don’t have a scratch frame. The inside of the car only gets wet (covered in snow) when it is stationary and a quick wipe out (shovel) and good to go. I get wetter getting to the Twizy than I do driving so never bothered experimenting with the windows.

One point though, the Twizy is designed for the air and rain to flow round the outside and past the driver. When you fit windows it disputes the flow and funnels the water inside, It also makes a lot of noise.

I did consider the windows when I first got it but never found I needed them.

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For quick wiping of any part of the car, get yourself a water blade similar to this.

One swipe on the inside and outside usually does the trick. They also neatly tuck behind the driver’s seat (would probably be nicked if I didn’t have windows :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I have to disagree about the windows.
I have the dutch windows from
It dis MUCH dryer inside the car when driving in rain or snow and less noise in motorway speed and through tunnels.
And you definitely need the (ugly) mupflaps. keeps the dirt off and much less stonechips on the underside of the doors and rear fenders.

I have another question, as a new owner. Is safe charge it every time with the adaptor, instead of install a powerbox?

Thank you

Yesterday was long day, up and out the house by 4.30 for a 700 mile round trip to pick up the Twizy. Newcastle to Portsmouth and back in one day is bit of a trek, but was back home by 6 o’clock so not a bad journey overall.

And here it is

Didn’t go out in it last night, didn’t fancy doing any more driving that day so took it out this morning, and yes, in this weather I will be buying windows. Overall it looks to be a good little car, just needs a good clean to get it to my standard, before I start “playing” with it.

Regarding the mud flaps do they just clip on? I was think of making some out of a piece of rubber and fixing that to the mud guard, has anybody tried that before, as the OEM do look a bit naff in mt opinion.

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Looks like mine. A Blue Colour model.

The Renault mud flaps are soft and flexible as they will hit the ground over speed bumps etc. They are bolted on. See other threads on fitting. So if you do make some make sure the material will bend and not snap off,

The mud flaps should really have been fitted from new on all Twizys in the UK as they as worth it. So much so that Renault doubled the price of them!

Still not fitting windows to mine. I carry a small towel and wipe the seat down before I set off. Just coming up to my 5th Winter. Even in the rain today I arrived at work dry.

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Neoprene rubber gasket material for mud flaps on order as a trial and TWY windows to stop this horizontal rain we are having from getting me wet. :slight_smile:

I bought these on eBay as I similarly did not like the OEM mudflaps.

I have used black plastic number plate screws to attach and think they do a decent enough job.

They might look better than just a couple of pieces of gasket material. Have you any pictures of them fitted?