New owner - SERV light


Twizy arrived on Thursday. Practically brand new (67 mile demonstrator from Parks in Scotland on a 65 plate).

Spent today exploring and cleaning it - so much road salt from being on a transporter for 350 odd miles.

Living up to expectations and more but whilst driving, every now and then the SERV light comes on with the symbol indicating 56v issue. As soon as I hit the brakes it goes out and then fine.

Everything else seems fine, charging ok as is 12v battery.

Does anyone have any ideas/explanation?


Looks like faulty brakeswitch. Moisture. If guarantee: let them get a readout of the computer. They will read fault code 0x488E.
If no guarantee: spray contact spray in the switch.

You’ve got too good a bargain that’s why!!!:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
But seriously, I find the warning lights quite temperamental in the Twizy. They can come on, you switch the “engine” off and switch it on again and they are gone… So try that. If it stays on then obviously you need to look into it.

Do keep an eye on it though as that was the start of the problems I had, resulting in a new 12v under warranty.

Hopefully not as serious but see how it goes

Thanks to everyone for the responses - will keep an eye on it for now (did the same again today but as soon as I feather the brake pedal it goes out).

Checked tyre pressures today and dealer had delivered it with fronts at 16 psi and rears at 15 psi. Inflated them ro recommended pressures and ride a bit firmer today but handling improved and can already see the range has improved.

For those that like to use both feet (left one on the brakes, the other on the accelerator) you will encounter the Service light going on. This is because the Twizy don’t like you to be accelerating and resting your foot even ever so slightly on the brake. If you do, then it will tell you with the service light. Well at least that’s one condition to consider on this. Hope that helps. :relaxed:

Depends on the firmware you have. One version is supposed to cut power if Brake pedal is pressed. But not found a way to tell what version a Twizy has.