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Hi everyone,

I’m about to take delivery of a pre registered Twizy in a weeks time. I’m hoping to use it for a Fast food deliveries. I’ve not even driven one yet as car at dealership was already sold. Used to driving EV cars already as have a Leaf. I look forward to contributing towards the forum.


I’d always thought the Twizy is perfect for local runaround, in your case local delivery. It will be a great advertising tool if you have some stickers about the business on the Twizy. It attracts so much attention. If you are employed get your employer to pay you for advertising for him/her.:razz: The Cargo (van) version would have been perfect. Don’t know if they sell it in the UK although one of the UK car brokers does list it.

Only thing is on a busy night like Friday how many miles do you clock. Will the Twizy last the night without charging. Also hot food will need to be kept in a well insulated container. The Twizy comes with free air con!!

Welcome to the site,

As above, but multiple drops may also be an issue as you obviously cannot lock the Twizy while going to the door. A simple plastic/metal box with a lock on back seat will help prevent problems and help keep food warm and together. Even the official Twizy accessory - rear seat bag would do with a small lock on the zip to deter chancers. I use mine as a rear ‘boot’ but great for shopping if a little large.

Would a Twizy Cargo not be a better bet?

The French post office & DHL Germany are using a small fleet of Twizy cargo but I believe some Pizza Hut or Domino’s franchises are also using the standard Twizy for delivering pizzas… also in France but not sure about the UK.

Hello everyone. I got crazy and go a Twizy! It’s probably the most fun 4 wheel pod on this globe. Loving it so far, got the original windows to install but I am in no hurry with summer here. Looking to do a wrap, and give it some tunes. Thanks for having me here and sharing the Twizy experience. - CrayTwizy

Welcome!! You’ve got the Twizy just at the right time of the year. Enjoy!!

Thanks askho, just figured out my tunes setup - small Jambox hooked to a short USB charge cable and a 12V to 5V cigarette lighter plug. Ready for the beach that’s 2miles away :smiley: . I tried the big Jambox :open_mouth: and the whole street could hear it!!

Best place for the Twizy, crusing along the beach. Makes me envious, particularly in this weather. By the way, are you UK based?

Hey there, yes, in South Wales :sunny: and it’s Twizy weather for sure. Only thing I need to do is find insurance for it. It seems everyone think the doors make it a Lamborghini, anyone got any suggestions?

I’m getting mine with doors ex demo from a Renault dealer and getting it re wrapped by the dealer, before I take delivery.
Therefore when Sainsburys said any mods or adaptions. I said no, it’s as delivered from the manufacturer.
I am upgrading from a G Wiz and the extra insurance premium is £99.46.

It’s a Twizyghini!! Obvious, ain’t it? :smile: :smile:
That’s what a little kid called mine when I swung open the door.

Lol, Twizyghini is how I drive it :smiley: - I should try Sainburrys car insurance, the Quad insurances don’t seems to get what is a Twizy. Damn, this form factor is definitely in the twilight zone on the insurance side.

I use my twizy for deliveries, no issues. I have 2 stacking plastic boxes with lids, so that stops prying eyes seeing what’s in them. Never had any issues with theft, but then I live in a small town. If it runs out of charge, I just get it home, plug it and take the smart car to complete the shift.

Apologies for the delay in replying. We have fitted a 13amp outside plug at work and on a busy night charge as we go go along, never ran out. On a usual day the charge will last the whole night. We use insulated delivery bags with heating elements which are pre warmed before we put the food in.

We have had the twizy 3 months and done 2k miles, we have paid for 10k per year for the battery so that should be sufficient as might not use it in deepest winter.
A Twizy cargo would have been ideal but at the price we got the car we can’t complain, can give other staff a lift home too!

Quick update on insurance. Twizy started at £348/year on a new policy with no 9+ No Claims bonus. After talking to Admiral insurance further, and considering my other primary car, the insurance dropped to £209/year with a multi-car policy in place (to use my no claims bonus), changing my other insurance over. It’s not as low as some out there with £160-170 policies, however, I did save a big chunk on my main car insurance. I hope that helps.