New pads and discs front and rear at 2k?!

So twizy is in for a service , warranty just about to expire, 4 years old 2k miles, ex demo…

Just off the phone with Arnold Clark and they have said it requires new pads ( possible ) but more surprisingly new discs!!! At 2k miles this is going to get pricey every 2k miles! Quoted 426 to replace all.

I have seen comments in regard to lack of experience and noting thickness of pads and discs… Being very thin to start?

Should I be on to Renault for this for contribution, is tec getting thrown off by pads and disc thickness or could this indeed be the case?

Twizy is in garage so can’t even get a look!!!

Anyone had similar experiences and what was outcome?!seen the other thread with comments with Renault paying, what other experiences did everyone else have in respect of outcomes?

Mine is an ex demo, too.
Maintenance at Renault EV garage at 20.000 km (bought it 15 months ago at 12.000)
Front disc’s and front and back pads replaced. Disc’s was the first time for my vehicle, they told me.

Mine needed pads and discs front and rear after 1300miles. After 2.5 mths of dispute and finance company getting involved renault covered the replacement. There is a thread on here which details things well possibly called “brakes not fit for purpose” or something like that. Ultimately there have been varying successes with regard this so wish you all the best with it.

Mine is still on the original discs at 14,500 miles. (Touchwood)…
It had new pads fitted by Renault at 12,000 miles


When I bought my Twizy second hand from Renault dealer, I asked for the brakes to be checked.
As part of the sale price the Renault dealer replaced the front disks and pads, as the disks were badly corroded. The car is 2 years old with 700 miles on the clock.

If it helps, they also included paperwork for the job which included their costs
Disks - Front Brake 83.06
Brake pads 64.69
Fitting 112.50
Total 260.25 GBP

My front disc and pads was replaced after 3000 km on warrenty. They made alot og noise. A new version of disc and pads was used.

Hi all

Thanks for all the info and feedback.

Good and bad news!!!

Good news is Renault are picking up the £400+ tab on the discs and pads front and back… A little pressure to be applied to them … But nothing extreme and they relented quickly.

Bad news - the diff seals are leaking and it’s going to be £280, robbing Peter to pay Paul! I’ve yet to speak to Renault on this issue so we will wait and see…

Can’t believe such a small car costing so much money, I’ve had nothing but problems since I got it!

Along way from my trusty grand vitara 1.6 2004 I have for my smelly Labradors, had 11 years, £600 spent on it total,plus oil and filters and wants for nothing! I actually can’t part with the thing despite having excess cars, may retire it gracefully to my dads barn and keep it for when I’m a crazy old guy…

There is a known problem with the gearbox seal. It isn’t always the seal. Rather an overfilled gear box and the over flow looks like a leak. If your garage take it apart maqke sure they check it still runs freely after wards. Mine was a bit tight and it lost some range. No charge covered under warranty.

Osbrook many thanks re info on seals/ box… Fingers crossed that’s covered too then!

It’s to go back in for that at a later date as seals on back order/ factory direct.

Raging as missing my free parking for another two days!

I had the same issue with the oil leak when I had it changed by my local independent garage a month ago. I started to see drops of oil on my drive and at the office car park. When I took the car back to be checked the garage could not find any leak or loss of oil and concluded that it must have been over filled with oil.

No more leaks to report.