NEW PROJECT: Twizy motor fan driven by photo-voltaic roof panel

my brain just laid another egg.
we were talking about how the motor gets hot and i was considering adding a fan and vented bottom plates.
i took it a bit further.
Install flexible a photo-voltaic 12V panel of the roof which drives the fan.
more sun…more cooling power!!!

Also hook the panel to the 12V battery and no more flat 12V batteries and associated issues.

However a lot of us are in the UK and the Sun is a rare thing.:joy:

Great idea! However, if the heat issue is mostly at high load/speed, what about water cooling?

The pump, radiator and expansion tank could be taken from high-end 50cc scooters. Then wrap a metal pipe around the motor several times just like the cooling of electric RC boats. Placing a small radiator at one of the “scoops” and maybe make one or both of them wider to let more air pass through.

Could the solar panels possibly drive a 12V water pump? Maybe also have a override button enabling the 12v battery to be used as well.

that is just it. those panels generate enough electricity to have a fan blow adequately even under the clouds.
if the sun is out then the twizy will get hot faster hence more air current needed.

i though about the 12 v battery but it seems most of those die while in the garage stored over 2-5 days. not enough sun there.

yes… however much easier to have mist spray in front of the fan which makes the air current cool significantly.

at high speeds under clouds my ALUMINUM vented bottom panels will draw in air for that case

Do you know any way to log temperatures of the motor? I don’t have this issue yet, need a Powerbox first :slight_smile:

i think the ovms may do that