New Renault EZ-1 - Twizy replacement?

This looks like a potentially cool car and what will probably replace the Twizy by the looks of it. I can imagine it being more popular than the Citroen AMI too, if it’s more sporty. I wonder if it’ll ever be sold to private buyers or whether it’ll be a carshare / rental only vehicle?

saw this also , looks cool and running on Twizy underpinnings.

Renault owned battery again , leased…

Think the Ami will arrive first at half the price of the Renault.

It’s the day our cars become classics :hugs:

In all seriousness…in the way phones used to be about cell towers, cars used to be about ownership. Transport is a service, and that’s that. Look at how tesla plans the taxi takeover with self drive.

The thing looks like something from robocop and if renault pull through from concept to the actual production design, I can’t wait to see then buzzing around anceint architecture. Welcome to the future.

Nice concept, I heard though that the whole car will be rental only (via app, can be minutes up to several months) and max speed is 45km/h. That’s a no from me :3

These EVs will always have to be limited on speed for safety and to reduce the size of the battery pack.
Batteries are the most expensive part and the technology isn’t very efficient in storage capacity.

Rental could be the future of motoring , making full use of a car.

Looking at the concept showcased, it looks like they are eventually going for swappable battery modules … if it’s side-by-side seat adjustments, it’s really tight space.
Most articles say it will hopefully happen by 2025.