New to the forum!

Hi, I’m Sam a female twizy owner from Wirral (Merseyside) anyone else on here near to me? I love my twizy! Got it in September 2015 and it’s a pleasure to drive!

Welcome Sam.
Now that the weather is getting better, you can really enjoy your Twizy. Post some more photos in the Show us your Twizy thread.

Welcome my fair lady to our humble but helpful community.

I am nowhere near you… (Athens Greece) but I have several to help you with any Twizy issues. Many members in here are of great help.

But first of all, invest in the twizys holy grail. The powerbox by Kenneth. It will make your Twizy faster and safer.

Keep safe

Hello Sam!

You got yours the same time as me, I love it too!!

I live in Lancaster in Lancashire so about 70 miles from you :smile:

Is yours a daily driver?


Hey! ooh not far at all!
Yeah well I use it mostly to get to work as I live on the Wirral but work over in Liverpool so i don’t have to pay the tunnel toll! Which is always a bonus haha! Also use it just for running around, it’s such a fun ride I love it! Think I’m going to treat myself to some seat covers on payday.
Ive got my very own blue light for work haha!
I’ve been looking for a forum type twizy page for ages! Glad I’ve found this one!

What about you? X

Awesome pic^ :grinning:what does everyone say at work?

I use mine everyday, my work premises is only 1.5 miles from my house but it means I get to come home at lunch.

What ever you do don’t get windows, it ruins the Twizy IMO.

How many miles have you covered?

Are there waterproof ones? If not they will get wet when it rains particularly with no windows[quote=“Smags2013, post:5, topic:1862”]
Ive got my very own blue light for work haha!
That’s a scream !! Does it actually come with the noise too. I would love one of those. But I suppose it’s illegal for us mere mortals to use on our cars.

Welcome to the TwizyOwners forum. Full of nuts like me, mad about our Twizy’s!!! Enjoy your car and love the blue light…

I was thinking of installing flash strobe lights that will go off with the horn. Just an extra attention catching feature in case of emergency.

People hear a car horn but can’t see where it’s coming from.

“Yah that’s me inside the wheeled box!”

Crazy Greek man.

Crazy disco ball!!!
No really… In our roads you need to be visible. And my black little tourer is anything but. I almost hit a pedestrian a few months back. Honking my horn, the guy was looking for a car and kept crossing.

But what I like about it, since I am the only Twizy in my country all cars stop and give way so they can look at it and take photos.

How do you avoid the tunnel toll? I always pay, is there a special part to go through?

Welcome to the forum, what a great bunch we are as well.

Have you looked at any of the mods available for the car?