New to the world of EV

Hi folks of the world.
Total beginner to all things EV, so I’ll probably be asking a lot of questions that will seem silly or obvious to you.

Welcome Graham, we all started the same as you, ask away :wink:

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Thanks. So excited about it, but no matter how many videos I watch, I’m still on edge.

The dealer has been amazing in fairness, and that helps loads as well as having experienced people like yourselves to call on for advice.


Which dealer have you been speaking with? Are you looking at any cars in particular?

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Hi James, picked it up today from the Synter BMW dealership in Newport.
Had the BMW i3s. Very happy bunny.

Very nice! Let us know what it’s like.

scary in the wet 155 tyres with 182bhp at the rear and useless in the snow, mine had more understeer and oversteer than the twizy :joy: