New to Twizy

Getting a used Twizy tomorrow. Already got a Zoe so not new to EV’s , Twizy to be wrapped for advertising our business. We do electrical work and part of our work is PAT testing. May as well have a car that I can PAT Test so I can plug into commercial customers electric points while on site. The other reason for the purchase is to have a small motor to tow behind our camper van. Question - is it ok to tow the Twizy at speeds of 60mph above its top speed for long periods or will it be better to put it onto a triple motorbike trailer?

Before plugging in at a customer site check supply voltage unless you have a newer Twizy. The original would not charge or even discharge at 247V or above.

The hand book says it can be towed short distances. I trailer mine behind my motor home at speed.

Have you a pic of twizy on trailer. What make/ type of trailer do you use?

Pictures on this site. Home made from a quad bike trailer