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New Twizy F1 Kit

We are starting to mass-produce the F1 body kit for the Twizy. This is going to be the complete kit. Individual parts are also available to buy separately. All the parts are made from a plastic composite only adding 12kg of weight for the whole kit. Also, this isn’t a cheap “homemade kit”. Great quality product. The total price with shipping included is going to be 950euro.

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Here are the prices for the individual parts for the F1 kit.

Front bumper lip - 240€

Side skirts - 350€

Rear wing - 395€

Rear diffuser- 240€

Whole kit- 950€

All prices are with shipping included.

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Sign me up for a kit, been waiting for this to happen :heart_eyes:

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We have 5 kits that we’re going to discount 50euro for a total of 900euro with shipping included. After these 5 are gone back to normal pricing. Get them now before it’s too late.

Interesting. Where are you shipping from? Outside or within the EU?

Outside the EU.

ok, so the price within the EU will be plus VAT and most likely Customs duty

Just remember the front aerofoil stops the car being road legal in some countries. Just some thing to consider, perhaps it can be fitted in a way that it can be clipped on and off.

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Just a heads up for those that ordered a kit, they’re going to be completed on Monday and shipped out on Tuesday.

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hi ,

Do you shipping to United arab eimarits

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Yes, no problem.

I want to buy it .

This is my Email : [email protected]

If you have PayPal to send it to my that will be perfect.


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Perfect, I’ll send you the invoice in a few minutes.

Okay,I’m wetting .
Thank you

I’ll send it in 1hr when I arrive at home. Thank you.

First two kits are going to be shipped out tomorrow. Thank you for waiting and can’t wait for you guys to be the only ones in your country with the kit.

Hi Luis ,

Did you ship the F1 kit?

Hi Ahmed, the kit is going to be completed tomorrow and shipped out by Monday. Really sorry for the delay. The company has been pretty busy nowadays but they promised I’ll be receiving the kit tomorrow. I’ll let you know when I have it package and ready for shipping.

Sure , I’m just checking .


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Are there any kits left? e mail [email protected]

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