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New Twizy French owner based in West London


I recently joined and sent my first post a few weeks ago asking for information about owning a Twizy. I am glad to say that yesterday I went to a Renault dealer in Essex England and made a deal (including new free windows for the winter) to purchase an ex demo Twizy (September 2013) with 414 miles on the clock. It’s a kind of grey colour without a scratch.

I took a 36 months lease with the battery as I will be using the Twizy 5 days a week to commute to work (30-35 miles) + week-end so I needed the highest mileage cover possible.

It should be ready to collect over the week-end and the only issue is the journey back home of 43 miles with unfortunately mostly A roads (A406 North Circular rd around the north of London will be the longest one) and constant speeds between 40 & 50 mph.

Would you recommend that I should register to one of the POB charging station company around London and if so witch one. There is a Renault dealer on the way back 10 miles from home who should let me charge.

Thanks for your help,

Ask them to deliver it. They did it for me although mine was in Glasgow and I’m in Birmingham. Charged £95 for the privelege. Bargain