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New Twizy in the drive


Last Saturday 19th I finally collected my Twizy (ex demo) from a Renault dealer in Essex and drove it home all across London. I had the windows on (part of the deal) unzipped but they are now out completely to enjoy the glorious weather we are having so far.

I drove the car this morning on my way to work (15.2 miles) from a 100% charge and I have plenty left for the journey back. It won’t be the same in the middle of the winter but I am enjoying the summer first.

I would like to make a comment with regards to the charging PODs available across London. I was not sure I could make the journey back home on one full charge after collecting the Twizy so I registered from the SourceLondon website. I received my card and starting planning my journey for the shortest and most direct route. it turns out to be 42.9 miles in a mixed of A & B road.

My plan was to stop mid way at a specific charging POD registered with SourceLondon with a backup plan. I also checked the availability on the SourceLondon website and all was well. Unfortunately I got lost (forgot my glasses and could not read the screen of my phone) but when I finally arrived at the first POD… No POD at all, just a parking space for 2 electric vehicles and a small hole with a big electric cable inside!

I called the 24/24 help desk to report it and they did no know the POD has been removed. They apologized and told me of the nearest POD available at a WAITROSE car park only 1.9 miles away… When I arrived the POD was again out of service and occupied my 2 petrol cars. I called again and this time it was ASDA nearly 4 miles away in the wrong direction.

I then looked at my sat nav, 12 miles away from home and the Twizy…16 miles… I took my chances and drove home carefully but not desperately slowly and made it with 4 miles left. The moral is, DO NOT trust the SourceLondon map for updates as the privately owned POD companies do not seems to update SourceLondon with maintenance and out of service PODs.

Thanks for reading and thanks for all the advises available on the forum as they were a great source of information and helped me take the decision to purchase a Twizy.

I have now a very very big smile on my face… I am close to 50 but feels like 21 again! I kept asking my wife over the week-end if we needed something from the shops as an excuse to drive the Twizy around.

Great to hear another convert who is enjoying the Twizy. Make full use of it while the weather is nice. It won’t be the same in the winter, although I still use it all year round.

EricLaFoy Welcome aboard. Depending on where you keep the car while at work and the terrain 42 miles would a risky drive. For me it wouldn’t be on, Way too hilly and car parked in the cold -ie. fills with snow when at work.

I thought all the POD chargers were type 2 and not suitable for the Twizy without an adapting cable. Have I got this wrong?

Only a limited number of PODs have the standard BS plug and you can select the type of connection required when searching on the SourceLondon map. The Twizy will used all year round and the skiing gear is waiting in the loft.

My total travelling journey to work will not be more than 32 miles.

Congratulations on your purchase, in this heat they are the best vehicle on the road, makes you realise that Aircon is not required when you don’t have an internal combustion engine.
i got home tonight ( 8 miles) with 40 left on the range, and mine is 7000 miles & 2 years old, used every day pretty much.

Makes me smile this weather when in heavy traffic, all you can hear on the ICE cars are the Cooling Fans working overtime!


Forget the source London website, get an app called Plugshare.

It’s crowd sourced data so more often than not everything is bang up to date. It will even tell you if one is out of order or if someone is currently using it, assuming they check in on the app.

As for most source London points only being type 2, I’m not sure about that. Many sites have standard plug points as well as type 2. I’ve never really had a problem finding a charge point in London.