'New' Twizy Owner (Currently, Liquid Yellow, Rolling Road Special!)

Hi all,

You may have seen this car on here previously as I have replied to the odd thread over the years.

Three years ago a friend bought it after me hassling him for ages to get one for him to commute to the station in. Turns out, he never really used it and most of the mileage over his 3-year ownership was driven by me (700 miles in 3 years) as I often borrowed the car!

Fast forward to this year and after loosing some storage space the car was going to be put up for sale - but I had to buy it before this happened!

I have always been a fan of the twizy and hired a couple in the New Forest back when the hire fleet was down there. I believe this fleet then moved to the Isle of Wight and now makes up most of the TwizyTours fleet in London.

This is the car in April 2016 when my friend bought it:

The previous owner does not know how the car ended up being Liquid Yellow, however, the car is the pink/orange colour underneath on all panels (not the best paint job)

The car gained a ‘spare’ private number plate that was kicking around and we fitted a Parrot kit. The car gained a couple of friends by way of a Lambo and Renault Sport Spider whilst on my travels. We also visited Surrey Rolling Road and the car made 26bh (it did have a power box fitted, which I do not have but I believe the ‘map’ has remained on the car).

One year I took the car to a small evening meet at Guildford Tyres (as it was close enough to home to make the trip!) and to my surprise, I was not the only Twizy there! Fellow member on here @R1NGA also made an appearance!

You can also see the car briefly wore some branding from my friends business, of which the colour scheme came from the Twizy!

Now under my ownership (and with a new reg!), I had a few things to attend to. Firstly the brake pads were needing changing so I undertook this simple task…

Next, I purchased a set of tyres (£175 delivered from Camskill) as the car had one mismatched brand and two which were nearly bald. These are yet to be fitted but they do fit in the Twizy!

Today I took the car to have the wheels aligned as the steering was a little off…

I then changed the ‘gearbox’ oil which worked well with a small syringe…

The next jobs are an MOT next weekend (I have replaced the Hazard switch, again) and I’d like to get the yellow parts resprayed to make the car ‘mine’. The last job will likely be a steering wheel re-trim from Jack at Royal Steering Wheels.

Apologies for the long post but I thought I would document the last three years of YC13 KKR / F7 UMP / M4 XWW!


I also forgot to mention that I had AutoGlass fit a new windscreen as it was crakced when I got it. They turned up with two vans - either because it was an EV or because they hadn’t done many Twizy’s (can’t remember exactly).

A nice bit of history.

All I know about mine, so far, is I bought it from a Turkish man who lives on a boat in Uxbridge.

Did you manage to get a full litre of oil into the gearbox? The way you’ve filled it looks different to how I did it. I used the filler cap shown below.

I’d be interested in knowing what your new tyres are like. Mine has what I assume to be the original, four year old, Continentals but feel the wet grip is really poor.

I have yet to properly sort the tracking on mine. Do you know what yours has been set to?


Hi Peter,

Not sure on the gearbox - I watched a couple of videos on YouTube the other day and think I followed the process the same (from memory!) yesterday. The old oil nearly filled a 1L bottle and I got the full 1L back in. I didn’t spot the plastic cap as per your photo!

I’m also interested in the tyres as 3 of mine are original but not all are bald - will see if there is much improvement.

The tracking was set as close as possible to 0 degrees front and rear as per the below - but I must admit I didn’t check the screen afterwards and just went on my way with straight steering.

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Was the Liquid Yellow a wrap or paint job ?

It’s painted, but not the best job. You can see the original colour in some places.

Thank you for your feedback.

I’m considering going up a size on the tyres.


MOT today, all fine, just! I must get those tyres fitted!


I’m planning to take mine for MOT on Monday.

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Watch it doesn’t fall through the ramp :rofl:


MOT passed and it didn’t fall into the pit!



Haha! Always funny to see.

I am embarking on smoked indicator project - if successful I may sell the kits (if there is any interest) as I understand the ones available online are now around 175 euros!

I was thinking about fitting some kind of combined LED DRL / indicator but haven’t yet found anything suitable.

I feel the Twizy would benefit from daytime running lights but can’t find a good place for them.

I am awaiting a set of brighter sidelights to arrive, I will just use my sidelights as DRL’s and turn them on whenever I drive.

Well, I couldn’t justify the glass roof at the moment, so…