New Twizy owner from Oslo, Norway

Hi all, just want to introduce myself, I just bought a 2013 Twizy, and the first thing I had to do was change brakes all around. Luckily I am in the car part business, so I managed the parts without having to sell my mother. I like the little go-kart, but I pray for better roadconditions in Norway, as every hole in the road is really noisy inside the Twizy.

My Twizy has been fitted with driving led-lamps in the front, has 2 set of wheels, summer and winter, and has been upgraded to a glassroof and have windows on the doors (upper parts).

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Very nice! Welcome to the forum. I’m sure you’ll find everything you need here :slight_smile:

Hello Jacob, love your Twizy, the colour and the glass roof. All the roads in the UK are terrible too. Potholes everywhere. Some around where I live are so awful I take detours to avoid them! Enjoy your new car!

Fine vehicle. Looks great! In Norway, can you buy a Twizy outright or do you have to rent the battery? If I get a Twizy it would be for summer use only. The rental system does not fit that.

The battery rental stopped a few years back, I believe after 2013 in Norway.
But why would you only drive in the summer?? Twizy and icy roads = Great fun!!!

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Thanks for info! We have a summer house with an old barn and an electric outlet outside. In town, there is no place and no charging facilities for a Twizy. Bad policy, I try to change it, but that is a slow process. Norway is so much ahead!

Thank you all for your warm welcome. The Twizy in minus 10 degrees have low range and no heat. Not a perfect winter car in my opinion. This year the whinter in Oslo was quite mild, not every year is like that.

You can pick up a 12 volt seat heat cover for less then 20 € works great for winter driving. A heater in the Twizy is useless and also blows fuses.