New Twizy owner from Trondheim, Norway

Happy new owner of Orange Twizy
Was getting my twizy on last friday. Driving it for 280km til today. Realy enjoy driving it.

But today 1 week after i got it a taxi was hitting me in the left side in a crossing.(Not my fault he was not stoping for traffic from right) Got to test the safety from side. I didnt get any injury. Some of the safer small cars/motorcycels i have been driving. But front wheels got wacked and left door. Left rim was cracked. Battery was getting a drop i remain battery level in the crash of 2 lines. The dealer will check this they say.

have been reading a lot on this forum earlier, and find a lot of things interesting.

will update with pictures later

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Welcome to the group. Sorry to hear about your incident hope everythig is okay. At least you are safe.

So sorry to hear about your misfortune. Hope your Twizy gets repaired soon.
Post some photos of your damaged Twizy if you can. It will be the first damaged Twizy I would have seen.

First pic is from day i got it, picked it up with my oldest son, he loves it. Sad because its crashed. Others are from crash. But its hard to see what is broken.

Sorry to see that. I hope you can get it sorted under insurance. Be interesting to know how long you have to wait for parts for repair.

Sorry to hear this!
Front wheel looks bent, I wonder if it will be a write off.

The insuranse covers everything. It was not my fault.
its door that needs changing and some plastic panels around. The rim is cracked and wheels pointing each way. Looks like the frame is good. They are checking for parts and time.

The cost for fixing the twizy is 4000€.
New left door. New rim. New hub with the brakedisk. New front fender. New plastic trim around the doorframe. New suspesion arms left
And alot of work. They found no fault on battery.
Long waithing time for parts. So i still didnt get car back.