New Twizy owner, Hants

Hi all. This week, after obsessing for months and years, I got a 12-plate Twizy.

I am pleased with the deal so far, but am a little frustrated that the bluetooth does not seem to have power. The screen does not light up. Perhaps I will figure this out in due course, but if anyone can help out a noob I’d be much obliged.

Jim, Hants.

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Hi. I am in Hants too and have just bought a 12 plate. First of all change the battery in the little remote. I think it is CR2032 the remote slides off the to the side.

The Parrot gubbins are all just under the left hand “tub” on the dash. If you pull off the hadbrake surround it is just clipped in and you should be able to check the fuse for the parrot and then check all the connections.

Does it show up as a device when you search it on your phone, if not suspect the fuse…maybe it got wet?

Congrats on the new Twizy!

Hope you enjoy your Twizy, welcome to the gang!

I had a job getting the Parrot in my Twizy to work until I got a copy of the instructions, which I downloaded from here and printed them out :

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