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New Twizy owner Isle of Wight

Took the plunge and purchased an ex demo urban twizy from Liverpool Renault dealer via third party, well pleased, local dealer was useless , still haven’t contacted me despite asking to buy one direct.

the bug bit me at goodwood festival of speed last weekend.

What colour? My dealer works very closely with Renault Liverpool.

Orange one.

I was at Goodwood Thursday. I end up a complete geek and end up as a sales man. I love standing there and correcting people who think they know everything about the car. I also do a much better job that the people paid to sell them. “Um this is a car is powered by air I think? Let me get the brochure. O wait it says electricity! But not sure how you get it in there!” I got retweeted by Renault when I requested the Twizy F1 setup on mine. Still waiting for that call. Shame I did not get to see it to the hill climb. I even hung around the pit hoping that one of the techs might allow me to blag a sit in it. Turns out I was not attractive enough and my pigeon French extends to “Oui”

I bugged the Renault techs on Saturday about the f1 twizy, apparently it clocks over 70 mph but this impacts the battery life, otherwise it’s a standard twizy with tweaked ecu software and of course the big slick tyres and some carbon fibre bits, they said there were thinking about fitting a KERS battery in the back seat to make it go faster!

hopefully the software will leak out here someday?

Well - since we know from experience the faster we go the less range available - the f1 Twizy is simply a promotional vehicle with go-faster-stripes (all puns intended). It is clearly a mock-up and nothing more. Only new battery technology and Type 2 recharging ability will kindle my interest. .

I saw the F1 Twizy go up the Hill at Goodwood but it was quite slow in comparison. Although I didn’t get to sit in it either they did photograph the steering wheel for me and turn on the ignition to do it. I thought the KERs battery was fitted on the back seat, or are you talking about a road version?

The F1 Twizy would be quicker without the weight of those huge tyres and Lawn Mower attachment on the front.

Yes, maybe they will have a kers thingy on the next model?

Sorry, just realised you said Orange Twizy Urban? Was it this one?


It was renault wirral that has it if it was. It’s the car that got me into all this. Rumour was that it got sold to a guy with a car collection. Turns out another car dealer bought it at a cheap price and sold it at a profit.

is it yours?

Lucky the ‘love story’ wasn’t done by the traffic cops for undertaking on a dual carriageway!

Not going to get into an argument with you about undertaking on a road you think you know. If people a travelling a lane to go right but no one in my lane wants to turn left then I am going to use the clear road. So rather than try and point a law breaking finger know what you are talking about.

i suppose you are a saint on the road.

Touched a nerve? Frankly, I have no issue with how bad a driver you might be, or indeed that you feel the Highway Code should be disregarded - my interest was piqued when two days earlier I received this email:

Section 59 Warning & NIP Issued:

West Yorkshire Police have served a motorist with a Section 59 warning (Police Reform Act 2002) after a member of the public submitted video footage of inconsiderate driving to PoliceWitness.com – see the link below to view the incident.

This specific power allows police to literally seize vehicles that are being driven in an anti-social manner, which are then sold on or crushed! Another demonstration of how ‘we’ the public are changing driver behaviour for the better, and without a police officer in sight!

Link to incident: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=fQ3OSNyeLdM

In other news, Northants Police issued a NIP (notice of intended prosecution) for two offences, driving without due care and contravening a traffic signal, watch the footage below.

Link to incident: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sKKXcSG19WY&feature=youtu.be at 0.50 seconds.

Remember in the event of a collision, no matter how small….a dash cam will more than pay for itself. Get protected – and help make our roads and communities safer.

Kind Regards,

Customer Services Team

If you look at the link, you’ll see what I mean - but the point I was making was actually the police’s readiness to accept a third-party video and to issue a Section 59 NIP from a car DVR. So the video you linked to has the potential to make the Twizy Owner a slam dunk prosecution. But the real laugh is this stupidity was self inflicted!

As for being a saint on the road - pretty good, thanks. But then I have a DVR to provide needed corroboration when (say) an under-taker professes innocence.

I think I will just steer clear of you.

Also it’s now not my car, and was not my car at the time.

Oh dear Buzzby, why would you opine so strongly?
I know the road and junctions that bassflex was driving through there very very well.
It is a dual lane A road leading onto a dual carriageway.
Left lane leads onto the suburban roads as Bassflex follows. Right hand lane goes onto a dual carriageway bypass(50 mph).
He was not undertaking,he was taking the alternative route.
Not wanting to get into an argument just defending a fellow Wirralian.

Thanks Ian but I think we should just leave it there.

the point I was getting at is. Is this the car that has ended up in the Isle of Wight?

also still no word from your brother about the Ev event. Though may have sent him a possible customer. I arranged the twizy for a weekend prize for a charity event at work. The winner bought so many tickets and she was obsessed with winning that the moment she won she was hounding me for details. I would not be surprised if she rang Paul S at 9am the next day to arrange.

Also those Goodwood tickets went down a treat.

Buzby why are you so negative all of the time? To be honest it’s getting a little tedious. The sun is shinning, you are alive and drive one of the most fun affordable cars on the planet so why oh why do you continually look to start a online fight?

Do us a favour and save your bad feeling for another forum.

Hi Bassflex, you are correct DG12PWF is my new twizy, several members have PM’ed me to let me know she brought them into the twizy scene up by you.

The dealer I brought the twizy off did a great job returning her to her prime condition and also transported her down to Portsmouth all included in the price, a price I was able to haggle down with dealers from Norfolk and Kings Lynn trying to sell me there twizy, I feel I got a bargain in the end and the spec I wanted.

Oh, so it’s not just me who thinks Buzby’s postings are always antagonistic and confrontational!! I suggest we change names, I will be Buzby and he’ll be an Askho. Got it?!!

Look I don’t want this to become a witch hunt.

m1n1s if I had the cash it would have been my second car. There is something special about the doorless ones.

it would have been a project car, who knows it could have even had a Kees in it one day.

how many miles had it done when you got it? They have another with doors which I do not think I have seen out yet. But I feel when my work colleague gets hold of it it will be everywhere.