New Twizy Owner, Wales


Some of you may have seen my Wanted post a while ago looking for a Twiz in South Wales. Well on Saturday there will be a Twizy making its way over the border!

I have had a tonne of cars in the past and the Twiz is the 5th one I have at the moment but my first EV! Fingers crossed that will be down to 3 cars very shortly. I’ll get some pics up once it’s been delivered. Unfortunately it will be living outside for a bit so I have got a cover on its way from Europe, the Halfords one might have to do short term if it doesn’t turn up in time.

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Hi I’m glad you found one ,now for the fun

Welcome to as much fun as you can have with your trousers on :rofl:

Which recently advertised Twizy did you go for in the end?

Haha as far as I know it wasn’t advertised… It was about £500 more than the one advertised near where I live, but has doors, is newer… and it’s mostly black. I guess it was a “Colour” trim level at the time.

Do you mean the official yellow cover? Does a great job keeping rain out bit doesn’t protect the exposed brakes…a key area to protect from rain! Not seen the halfords one on person, I picked up a smart cover which fits well and covers all the parts from the elements!

No I ordered the one you can get online from The Netherlands. Doesn’t cover the brakes either. I saw an old thread on here where someone was talking about a bike cover from Halfords for I think 4 bikes - I will pick one of those up if the fitted cover doesn’t show up in time and shove a blanket between it and the Twizy so it’s not sat straight on the paintwork. There is a Halfords right near me so it will be a quick, temporary fix if the other cover doesn’t arrive in time.

It’s not going to be outside forever, I just have another project I need to move first. And I’ve done plenty of brake rebuilds on my drive in the past lol

I use the Halfords Bike cover, it fits very well and easy to pack up in the boot. Just watch the wind.
Not the best picture but my Twizy at work

and when away.

The smart cover I have has straps underneath to hold it in place. Tested in real storms and stays put, and totally covers the wheels.
Does look like a hippopotamus though

Is that a smart ForTwo cover? Any particular year as the older smart cars were smaller and narrower than then current box on wheels.

This was the one, there were a few on Ebay at the time, but not anymore I dont think. It’s a expensive cover new, but it fits even with my wider wheels.