New Twizy owner

Hi, newbie here, I ordered my new Twizy Technic last Sunday and it’s being delivered on Tuesday. I’m based in south Cumbria and not seen any others in the area, can’t wait to be zooming around in it. Keith.

Congratulations! I guess that is the actual car - looks great. I am getting mine delivered on Monday, four years after my initial deposit. I haven’t waited that long of course, the dealership messed me about so much I cancelled. Four years later I still had the itch and finally bought a used one.

Keep in touch but congrats!

Welcome, Keith. Join the Twizy family :
Better weather is coming soon. ENJOY :grinning:
Show us more photos when you get it.

Martin show us your Twizy when you get it too. Thanks and ENJOY :grinning:

Hi Keith,

Where abouts are you? I live just outside Lancaster :blush:

I’m in Ulverston across the bay from Lancaster. That’s it in the pics getting the Twizy from A Clark Renault in Preston, couldn’t refuse their big discount on it. Got a set of twy rain Windows on order to make it a bit more practical

We will have to meet up Keith! :smile:

I bought some windows for mine (the decent ones from Andrew in Scotland) but I sent them back because I thought it ruined the experience IMO, plus I found it a pain getting in and out with them on.

Mine is going into Renault DSG on Monday for them to hopefully suggest replacing the brakes and sort out sticky throttle.

Welcome to the group, you will love it

It’s coming tomorrow, can’t wait. We’d have to meet halfway Iain when the weathers better, and I’ll be using DSG for servicing etc, 39 miles away so quite close to its limit.


You’re going to have lots of fun with your Twizy & you will be able to ear the birds singing when spring comes in!

Back to talking with my accent ?

Not again… HHHHHH

Mine arrived today YIPPEEE !!!

Great stuff All you need now is the wind and rain to go away.

Hi guys, we are based in Grasmere, Cumbria and have had ours for 18 months now. Here is a picture - Dave

Very nice. I will be getting the Twizy all stickered up with my company details as soon as the design is finished.

Looks good, I got my new Twizy yesterday, plus I’m just down the road in Ulverston

Good for you. Show us some pictures. Enjoy :grinning:

Rubbish positioning of the number plates, plus on the rear you can see 2 screw holes from where the showroom twizy plate was fitted

You’ve got it !!! :grinning::grinning:
Well done and enjoy.
See what you mean by the positioning of the no. plate. Can’t even centralize it. Morons.