New Twizy owner!

Hey everyone, great forum!

So I recently decided to get a Twizy and then I found this forum… oh dear! So now I have a 2015 Twizy which had only done 300 miles and was owned by an elderly lady and kept in a garage so it’s mint, very happy.

Already got a powerbox from Kenneth and what can I say I absolutely love this little car, it’s rawness is just so much fun and it reminds me of my old hot hatch days! Think RS turbo and Renault 5 turbo days! It’s totally addictive!

I’ve been building ebikes over the last two years and after completing my 14kW bike I decided I wanted to get into modding electric vehicles with 4 wheels. I’ve been kinda waiting for electric car tuning to become a “thing” for about 10 years and now thanks to Kenneth it is possible now with the Twizy at least!

I’m quite active on YouTube and will be posting my experiences with the Twizy (for those interested) on my channel:

Here’s some pictures!

Cheers and merry Christmas,



Welcome Andy. The Twizy does cope with the snow very well so have fun.

That’s good to know, I was expecting it to snake all over the place being rear wheel drive!
We had about 4 inches of snow here and my road is still icy. I haven’t tried it yet!

You get out and try it. Drifting is way to easy but due to the fine controls the Twizy seams to get out of most places others are stuck. I live a top a big hill so had to know it could get back. That was 5 years ago and after that the Trail bike simply wasn’t used enough.

This sounds like fun, will find an excuse to go out! I’ve already been doing so many pointless journeys just so I can drive it!
Yeah I understand what you mean about the precise control that the electric Powertrain gives you, you really can creep with minimal torque if you need to.

Welcome Andy.
If you think you are having fun in the Twizy in the winter, wait till summer :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. ENJOY

Thanks askho, yeah I CANT WAIT until summer, I’ve had a taste of dry roads before the snow came and the grip is immense. I’m looking forward to no windows and not having to wear heated gloves lol!

@andy_kirby Never had windows in mine and just starting the 6th Winter Twizy used every day including the -5c this morning. I don;t have heated gloves or seat pad etc. I came form a Motor bike and the wind deflection is all I needed. I wear what I would if I was walking/catching a bus. In fact just a shell walking jacket over my work shirt.

Windows were just annoying and too noisy for me. I don’t think @askho has windows either.

Haha, I’m a bit of a wimp when it comes to my hands as I have bad circulation so they ache like hell when cold.
I totally get where you are coming from, I use my ebike (which is almost an motorcycle with its 14kW!!) during the winter and I like the fresh air…the windshield on the twizy is fantastic and it really doesn’t feel that cold in the car with the appropriate clothing on.
Oh an the heated windshield is awesome isn’t it!?

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I agree with @osbrook. Windows, particularly the Renault ones, are a pain. I have them but I don’t use them. Get nicely wrapped up and it’s no problem, even in this weather.

Welcome to the group - looks great in the black and well done on already finding @kennethnilsen69 and getting the powerbox - looks like you have the update one as well.

I think the Twizy is also great in the snow due to the narrow tyres, I don’t really know the logic behind this but sure I read that is a factor.

Enjoy and look forward to your videos

The Twizy is fun in the snow, but be carefull in combiation with tuning. I did forget to decrease regen, en taking your foot of the accelarotor then results in slipping rear wheels. We had snow in the Netherlands yesterday and today, and this morning I had an unwanted meeting with a small wooden pole as a result. The battery cover did not survive, the two tabs are still attached to the car but the cover isn’t. Will have to create two steel trips to replace the broken plastic tabs.

Some drifting!


I’ll have to try it without the windows and see what it’s like, they are fiddly but they do prevent the rain getting in when it’s parked on my drive.

I took the car out today and it handled the snow great apart from struggling to get off my drive but with carefully controlled acceleration it was easy! Then I had some fun at the supermarket car park doing some donuts which drew a crowd without me realising!!!

I also had a go charging the car from a polar charge point this afternoon using my new adapter. Seemed quicker than home charging for some reason.

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Here’s the first video featuring the Twizy, it’s a vlog so skip to 3:57 if you want to go straight to the Twizy bit!


Nice video, Andy. Keep them coming.
Where can I get a cap like yours with the shade at the back !!?? :astonished::astonished::astonished:

Haha! You ain’t seen nothing yet, I’ve got quite a few hats to cover up my dodgy hair!!!

New video guys. There’s a lot of driving in this one :grinning:


Great vids Andy, keep them coming :+1:

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Nice video. Enjoy watching it.
Where did you get the connector cable, and if you don’t mind me asking, how much?